Dolce & Gabbana Belt Purse: A Change of Heart?


A few years ago, we predicted belt bags would one day become the rage. It seems that day has come (from Givenchy’s Spring 2012 collection to yours truly, the Bag Snob x DKNY Trendy!). Dolce & Gabbana is the latest to offer up a waist-hugging purse: theirs is a glamorous take on the fanny pack.

A ribbon belt with sister sequined and leather purses makes for an alternative to the evening clutch. But are these glitzy kiss-lock pouches too childish to be chic? I appreciate the removable element: you can customize your belt with just the gold-and-silver sparkly or mini gray leather pouch or leave both to be totally playful. With stars and sequins galore the past Fall 2011 season, Dolce & Gabbana has been embracing their slaphappy, frivolous side; this belt has all that plus a hint of early-nineties irony (the glamorous side of the era, not the grunge). I’m just not so sure if it’s really working for them. So what do you think: snob or slob?

On Net-a-Porter for $725.

Pair with: If you’re going to belt it on, then play up the wink factor. A leather- and lace-paneled dress will do the trick. Kevork Kiledijan’s black showstopper is slim-fitting so your bag won’t have any bulk to contend with.

On ShopBop for $2,700.

5 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana Belt Purse: A Change of Heart?

  1. I think it would have been nicer with a different shaped purse, the kiss lock looks odd dangling like that. Slob.

  2. Pat Biswanger on said:

    In my day we called them fanny-packs. :)

  3. It’s quirky cute

  4. if any one can help me find this belt tell me plz i love it and it out of stock in both sites :(

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