Eve Echo Hand Soap and Santizers: Clean Hands, Clean Conscience

I’m very mindful of the hand soaps I buy mainly because my son has a bit of an obsession with clean hands (could be worse, I suppose!). He will actually stand outside the bathroom door when his cousins or friends are inside, shouting, “I don’t hear you washing your hands!” In fact, he washes his hands so often I worry about them getting too dry. So I do take great care with the soap products I bring home. I always buy the eco-friendly kind at Whole Foods, but a new line recently sent me a sample to test out and review, and it has now fast become my boy’s favorite!

Eve Echo produces hand soaps and sanitizers in delicious scents. Pomegranate Peppermint is his number one choice right now – it’s so yummy I’m worried he might just put it in his mouth! I personally like the Lavender Honeydew, but there are other scrumptious “flavors” to pick from – Grapefruit Honeydew, Coconut Butter, Lavender Vanilla. The hand sanitizers are equally great, and especially easy to toss in a make up bag for travels (very handy for those dirty NYC cabs!).

And more importantly, Eve Echo has an inspiring mission: to eliminate gender inequality and free women from oppression. Through their sales they lend 100% of their profits to FINCA, an organization that offers low-interest loans to women in impoverished areas to help them start or develop their own businesses. So, every time you clean your hands with their wonderful products, you’re helping women around the world. And my son is really doing his part! Hand soap, $14, and hand sanitizer, $8-$10, at Eve Echo.

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