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Gaga’s Workshop x Barneys New York Flame Press-On Nails: Hot to the Touch

Only the inimitable Lady Gaga could get away with this: spiky, sharp, sparkly nails bursting up in flames, jaggedly cut and crystal-encrusted. This year, forget Santa’s workshop. Barneys New York has gifted Gaga with a madhouse workshop of her very own, set to release one bizarro treat for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas (which they’ve re-christened the holiday as 12 Days of Gaga).

These limited-time-only devilish fake fingernails are for Day 8, but I think they should have reserved them for Day 6, no? Designed by nail artist extraordinaire, Naomi Yasuda (Gaga’s personal manicurist), this set of bejeweled flamers is not for the faint of heart. And good luck trying to button your jeans. But I have a feeling the girl who would want these in her stocking isn’t exactly the boot-cut Levi’s type! At Barneys New York for $225.

If you’re in New York City, you can set up a session with the one and only Naomi yourself! She works by appointment only out of Williamsburg salon, Hello Beautiful. Be prepared to reserve about two months in advance and walk out with a manicure you’ve only seen in your dreams.



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  1. These flame nails are lame… You can’t even go to the bathroom with these on… No thanks. Let’s find something else a little more practical from Santas Workshop. I know, I’m a hater.