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Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation: Seriously Thick-Skinned

This is the thickest…nix that. This is the scariest foundation I have ever used. With super-heavy coverage that makes MAC Studio Sculpt look like tinted moisturizer, Givenchy’s fluid foundation sits on your face like a second skin. One that’s not necessarily your own.

It’s designed to function like a concealer to rid your face of all its imperfections and even out the skin’s texture. Apparently achieving complexion perfection means no part of your own skin should show through! Granted, I tested the makeup using a shade that didn’t quite match – perhaps that accounted for the extra-frightening ghostlike mask I was left with. But even if you nail a perfect match, there is no way you will appear anywhere close to natural with this stuff on. I even used very little, proving you can’t even dial it down for regular days.

The name Photo’Perfexion clearly indicates this is a product to leave you looking flawless on print or screen, not in real life. Mission accomplished! Stage and photo makeup comes in handy when you aim to look PhotoShopped without having been digitized. If that’s the look you like, go for it. But you’ve been forewarned: if you go out people with stare! At Sephora for $47.



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