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Gucci Betty High-Heeled Platform Sandal: Straps and Stripes


Not all accessories are created equal! Gucci bags are never worthy of mention, much less purchase. Their shoes, on the other hand, have always been consistent winners in my book. Primarily because Gucci knows sex appeal (which doesn’t always exactly translate to hobo satchels). They know how to work in those suggestively minimal straps, keeping a comfortable fit while showing off maximum exuberance.

They also know how to mold thicker straps to a woman’s foot so it looks irresistible yet effortless. Notice how this simple black strap acts as a harness for the top section of your foot, so you can actually walk. But it also keeps the eye on the prizes: contrasting nude cross-straps and best of all, zebra calf-hair. Zebra is the only animal print for me this season – it makes a pop yet remains totally versatile and neutral.

Gucci’s zebra-print, situated coyly on the back of the heel and on a wide strap over the toes, is orgasmic. Less is more, and I can’t get enough! And I’ve got to say, thank you, Gucci, for keeping your prices under four digits. Wild yet polished sandals, I will be buying you =) At Neiman Marcusicon for $795.

Pair with: Zebra might have my heart in the prints department, but when it comes to solids, I’m all about Michael Kors’ megawatt fuchsia. No surprise Gucci’s shoes and Kors’ slash gown ($3,995), caftan ($1,995), and stretch bouclé dress ($1,595) all make killer combinations.



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  1. I completely agree with you regarding Gucci shoes, this pair is terrific. They are already on my short list for spring. However, I completely disagree with you regarding Gucci bags. There have been some beautiful Gucci bags over the seasons, have you looked at the Soho large satchel on…