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Gucci Metallic Leather Mini Skirt: Setting the Gold Standard

Metallic gold leather isn’t just reserved for glam-rock stars circa 1973. On the contrary! Gucci ($1,650) has given the statement-making combination of shimmer and skin a modern update, although it doesn’t have any less of a stage presence. And neither should you.

While you don’t want to literally channel Freddie Mercury, this is a skirt designed to be seen, so just go with it. Which means you can take this look – and really run with it – two ways: by setting off the color or shaking up the texture. A flash of light-radiating gold will be served well by a splash of hot pink. Christopher Kane’s wool-crepe Prism top ($695), essentially a crewneck shift accentuated by graphic seams, has a conservative cut and an unconventional color. A pair of lightly laced black booties a la Alexander Wangicon will ground the look and keep it bold without going overboard.

Or take ivory lace into seriously defiant territory. Nina Ricci’s wool lace top ($590) has subtle sheerness and ornate detailing. When you wear this semi-innocent crewneck with a rock ‘n’ roll skirt, forget the lady – you’re the rebel who lunches. Pick of pair of shoes that walk the line, as well. Camilla Skovgaard’s suede pumps ($495) are dressed down by a serrated sole and infused witha flash of iridescence on the heel. Add opaque black tights (this look is about the suggestion of skin, not the big reveal) and you’re good to dazzle.



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