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Hung On U Small Pony Crossbody Sling: Out of Body Experience

Utter the mere words “pink” and “pony hair” and normally you’d have me doing a round of somersaults in a hot minute! Which is why I’m dismayed by this unsettlingly peculiar cross-body bag. The color of Pepto-Bismol has never looked so abysmal! Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, but what under most conditions would be a most uplifting shade of bubblegum pink now looks like something all too gastrointestinal. Is it just me or does this look some sort of illustration out of a stomach medicine commercial?

Hung On U, the pet project of ex-model and Rolling Stone-wife Patti Hansen, is actually based on a good idea: a cross-body bag she used to wear dancing back in the eighties. And the slouchy larger versions are actually quite appealing.

The problem with this one is the combination of color and too-severe shape. The droopy, teardrop silhouette, so slender and waif-ish, resembles an ill-conceived model from my tenth-grade biology class. Sling it across your body with the simplistic strap and yes, you would have a satchel that’s light and unimposing, but you will also find yourself twisting your arms around to reach that extra-long zipper-pull. At Barney’s New York for $295.



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