Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil: Josie Strikes Oil Twice

Recently thanks to Redken, I just found out their argan oil has a delicious effect on my hair. Two years ago, thanks to Josie Maran, I found out her argan oil had an amazing effect on my skin.

Now I’m not a big bronzer girl, but I decided to finally give the bronzing variation of her beautifying Morccona oil a shot. And it’s the most natural-looking bronzer I’ve ever tried!

Still bursting with all the line-reducing, skin-quenching, face-smoothing properties as the original, like Vitamin E and fatty acids, it contains a subtle shimmering element that leaves your skin just slightly sun-kissed.

Some of us never want to give up that out-all-day glow, but traditional powder bronzers can leave your face looking somehow even pastier as the temperatures drop. Argan oil will make your skin look healthier, not fake-and-baked, and even better, it’s physically impossible to not blend in, so there’s no risk of that scary orange mask effect! At Sephora for $52.

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