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Large Saucy Piggy Bank and Dots Piggy Bank: Feed the Piggy (Bank)!

It’s never too young to start our little ones saving money! And these ceramic piggy banks are the cutest ever. Pigs with polka dots? Nothing better. For those with hefty savings in mind the Large Saucy Piggy Bank is just the thing. Saucy is super-sized at over six inches tall and seven inches wide – room for lots of change, so let your ambitious tots stock up on pennies. He’s even got polka-dots within polka-dots in fun bright colors – more means more. His baby sister, Dots, is smaller and daintier  – for our littlest tots to drop coins in. Both have stoppers on the bottom for easy access to the cash. But don’t give them ideas – make sure they stay closed until piggy is full. T hese are adorable “stocking stuffers” or perfect for that special birthday gift. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned piggy bank – they might spend the money, but they’ll keep it for years.

Large Saucy Piggy Bank, for $17, and Dots Piggy Bank for $10.50 on Baby Gift Idea.



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