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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20: Sheer Delight "icon"

When I covered tinted moisturizers just a couple of weeks ago, I purposefully didn’t include the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer since I was still testing it out. Being thorough has served well: as it turns out, this one deserves its own feature. I recently wore it while in New York and beauty snobs everywhere asked about my flawless foundation.

This feather-light moisturizer with a hint of tint packs a punch when it comes to coverage, but it’s so lightweight and sheer that the result is a peachy, smooth complexion. A no-makeup look you can actually lie and take credit for as your own natural, beautiful skin. It really is that perfect! It has no sheen and dries powdery, but there is an inexplicable luminescence that makes you look like a young and healthy child with that dewy skin everyone covets.

I don’t use anything else with it – no primer or powder. They are totally unnecessary. You can get away with just this and no other makeup without looking like you are missing facial features (you know what I mean? When you have a full and even face of foundation, you need to paint your entire face lest you look like a formless doll!). There are ten shades to choose from so you can get a perfect match. This isn’t just a must have – it’s a must-must have! At "icon"Saks Fifth Avenue for $42.



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