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L’Occitane Amande Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate: It Does a Body Good!

Damaging winter dryness means stocking up on lots of lotion. Come nighttime, I slather on the richest, most emollient cream I can find and indulge in the comfort of that moisturized coating. During the day is when your skin really craves the hydration to protect itself from the harsh elements, but I can’t stand to be oiled up when I’m out and about.

Almond milk not only sounds deliciously warming in the colder months, L’Occitane’s Amande concentrate is luxuriously creamy and perfect for day. It keeps your skin nice and supple, though not so greasy you can’t operate (you’ll especially notice how residue-free it is on the hands).

I’m officially on an almond craze at the moment. For drinking, it’s much better for you than any other kind and it helps maintain your body’s natural Ph level; for skin, it’s firming and smells good enough to eat. L’Occitane’s is especially fragrant thanks to the open-jar packaging – I go in for a big scoop and spread it all around without having to pump 100 times to get what I need. Not that I need an overflowing handful. While it’s a light formulation, it’s strong (but isn’t it a pleasure to still get what you need without that exhaustive pumping?).

I’m not just enjoying the jar at home. I also have a travel size for my bag: that’s how much I love it! At Sephora for $40.



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