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L’Occitane Olive Hand Cream: From Vineyard to Hand


It’s not even full-blown winter (okay, so I do live in Southern California!), and my hands are already taking a beating. As much as I love my L’Occitane hand creams for daily use – especially their Shea Butter – sometimes I need something less greasy. Like when I’m driving. That’s when my hands feel particularly dry, but I can’t be steering the wheel with slippery hands. And besides, oily marks ruins the upholstery.

Looks like L’Occitane read my mind just in time for the season that’s toughest on the skin. They’ve created this wonderful olive tree extract formula hand cream that is enriching and healing and not greasy. And, no, it does not smell like olive oil. It has a nice citrus-y scent, almost delicious enough to eat! Since it’s pure and organic (a nice bonus), my tots’ are getting the treatment, too. Be sure to keep this on hand (no pun intended), in your bag and in your car. It also makes a great stocking stuffer. Aside from the perfect dirty martini, I don’t think olives have ever been more appealing! At L’Occitaneicon for $20.



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