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Madewell Belle by Sigerson Morrison Suede Velcro Boots: Velcro is Cool Again (Applause)


Hate it when your booties come untied and the suede laces get dirty and discolored? Annoyed when you have to pull on a boot that is a tight fit so you end up slamming it on the floor with your foot and wiggling it around so much that the back end ends up damaged and slouchy (or is it just me that does this)? Well ladies, your solution is here. The Madewell belle by sigerson morrison suede boots areā€¦..velcro. (sigh of relief here). The rugged yet polished boots are the perfect mix of casual and luxury with calf suede leather combined with a crepe heel. This kind of boot could be your everyday go-to option that would look great dressed up or down. The heel is reasonable at 3 1/2″ so you could wear them for long periods of time without hating yourself. I could see myself velcoring into these with some simple ribbed RLX Ralph Lauren leggings and a Madewell oversized sweater to cozy up by a fire with some hot cider.

Pick these up to wear well through the winter weather at Madewellicon for $350.


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