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Madewell Shadestone and Deco Disc Multistrand Necklaces: Go Get Stranded!


A decadently tangled medley of sinuous, slinky chains and candy-like nuggets of cherry-red enamel and icy-cool crystals: Madewell is serving up easy, wearable jewels at deep-discount prices just in time for you to start pondering holiday gifts. Both of these heavily stranded accessories actually have surprisingly light, airy looks – either one is the statement piece for the girl who doesn’t care to shout her bejeweled proclamation.

The brass and resin Shadestone necklaceicon ($66 from $88) offers the satisfying bulk of layers and layers of necklaces, but hanging from a single thick strand of metal, this is organized chaos. Discreet pale green stones peek out as draping chains move with you – a nice, light touch to finish it off. The Deco Disc gemicon ($58.50 from $78) almost looks good enough to eat. Or perhaps drape along the Christmas tree! Pops of scarlet are always festive, and these chunky little bits bring power to these more delicate strands of brass-cast resin.

Stash one of these playful jewels in the stocking of your friend, daughter, or niece who could use a little flair – who doesn’t want an extra ornament to wear around holiday time?



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