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Maison Martin Margiela Promise Ring Set: More than a Pinkie Promise


Maison Martin Margiela just forever changed the association with the term “promise ring.” Once reserved for faithful teenage couples saving themselves for each other, this quirky three-ring set gives it an entirely new meaning. The promise is now of independence and originality.

I’m loving the plentiful-ring look lately; thanks to this set, mixing and matching for your entire hand comes easy. Each of these tool kit-inspired jewels has a totally different look, texture, and finish from the last, but it amounts to a perfectly cohesive set. Wear them separately or on one hand for full impact. All gunmetal-tone brass and all different sizes, they’re meant for different fingers. The divided, matte spiral is for the index finger (or even cooler on your thumb if it fits); neat, glossy spiral for the middle; and the thick cross-cut textured band, which reminds me of a really cool thimble, for your ring finger. I like the combo of those three varied fingers, rather than a boring three-in-a-row.

And if you have petite digits, experiment with them on both hands so as to not overwhelm. The options are endless. Mix the promise rings with baubles already in your jewel box, surprise yourself with the interesting mash-ups you come up with, and give your hands a dose of stimulation. On Ssense for $485.

Pair with: These aren’t your typical girly rings, so go eclectic. Deborah Pagnani‘s extravagant Warrior ring will keep you in the tough-girl realm, but with an ovular moonstone framed in grey diamonds, it’s fit for a queen. At Barneys New York for $9,860.




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