Stay Up to Date with Snob Essentials 50% off Sale Starts NOW!

UPDATE:   Alexander McQueen Wicca clutch above is on sale!  I woke up at 6amPST to shop this sale, when I’m done I’ll run 10 miles to work off the 20,000 calories consumed yesterday. But for now, I will stay in bed and shop to my heart’s content :)

I know you are sick of hearing about a certain noir colored day of the week that follows Thanksgiving so I’m not even going to mention it here. What’s important is that our favorite online retailer gave us a sneak peek of its 50% off sale starting tomorrow, Friday November 25th! So many things on my wish list (including the whimsical Mary Katrantzou dress below) will be going on sale, I’m glad I waited!!!

Shop the sale HERE

3 thoughts on “ 50% off Sale Starts NOW!

  1. Thanks for the tip! I finally got me some Miu Miu sequin luvs, yeah!

  2. FashionClout on said:

    Arrrrrgh I’m in London and will have to wait another month for the net-a-porter sales..

  3. What is life without a gorgeous handbag, in business you need the right bag to complete the look. There are some great designers here, i love the mcqueen and the mccartney. i will have to browse later on my time though, for now back to work. to be continued…

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