Oro Gold Cosmetics: Fool’s Gold

Walking through Century City Shopping Center, I was stopped by a smiling woman who said, “Do you have a minute to come in? I’d love to show you something.” Certainly a line I’ve heard before from cosmetic salespeople; however, since the enticement was a brand named Oro Gold (skin care products made with 24-karat Italian gold?) I considered it. Noticing the Oro Gold boutique looked beautifully high-end, I agreed to walk in.

The instant I sat down, the smiling woman applied the eye serum and eye cream to my right eye area. Admittedly, there was a huge difference and I was impressed (it later occurred to me that after a long day of shopping, she could have smeared Vaseline under my eye and I would have looked better). She then started her hard sales pitch, and it was impossible to get out of there. I kept trying to leave, but the salesperson was unrelenting. She would literally push me back on my chair, offering to lower the price, and then offering me a free bottle of a vitamin peel priced at $148 and both the eye serum and eye cream for only $199 (supposed retail of $298 each, but I believe the padded prices on their website – as shown on the iPads all of the salespeople carry – are for them to use as a sales pitch). Since she told me there was a money-back guarantee in fourteen days, I agreed to make a purchase. Just as I was paying, another woman magically appeared and the sales associate said, “Oh, look, our specialist is in town for one day only and she’d like to show you something crazy.”

This woman was even more aggressive, and frankly, scared me. She showed me the thermal mask bionic series kit for $1,088. I have to say, my skin looked great after she wiped the mask off, but that doesn’t speak for long-term use effects. Again, I tried to make an exit and she said, ”Okay, what if I tell you I will give you the entire $1,088 kit for $600, deducting the $199 you just spent, PLUS, I’ll throw in a free moisturizer worth $138. You will pay another $400, totaling $600, but you will have a total of seven products.” By that point I was properly confused and actually believed I was getting $2,000-plus worth of the most luxurious skincare products for only $600.

When I finally arrived home, I decided look the brand up online and what I found was beyond disturbing (read it here). Apparently, hundreds of women across the U.S. have been bullied into buying these products with the promise of a refund, only to find that they are unable to return the products (stamping “no refunds” on a receipt after paying? Unacceptable.).

The ridiculous prices are also a full-fledge scam. That ultra-expensive Thermal Mask? Just $40 on Amazon! The $298 Eye Serum? Only $23!

Astronomical prices and blatant lies. I returned to the store the very next day and asked for a refund as promised. The two salesgirls were no longer there. A rude guy told me I must have misunderstood, they don’t do returns. When I asked about the prices in Amazon and at kiosks at different malls he claimed they were all fakes. When I asked about the salesgirl who told me she was a part owner he said she was only a manager. He then printed out some number for me to call and proceeded to kick me out of the store. I am so appalled! How a brand can have hundreds of complaints with the BBB yet still continue to be in business with very unethical practices is beyond me!

Beware of Oro Gold!

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  1. What a nightmare!! =O Thanks for the warning. Sorry it came at the cost of your money and experience =(

  2. Wow, they definitely scammed the wrong person! So sorry it had to happen to you, but I’m so glad I didn’t end up buying this! They sell this at Sears in Canada and I thought all the same things as you, but the price point (even with their special ‘deals’) was way too high for something called “Gold Gold”.

    Someone who lives close to that seller should print this out and be like, how have your sales been since this was published? LOL.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      The man last night was blatantly lying to my face. And he kept contradicting himself. They all use the same buzzwords “can I show you something crazy? Let me show you how to take 15 years off in one minute”. It was like a live infomercial!

      • They have great prodact that work! My sister bought on amazon it’s cost the same like the store but you never know what you would get online and I knew some people that sell faces cosmetics and everyone think is real so don’t believe what everyone say if you like the prodact use it it’s works amazing the eyes stuff and the nano recovery it’s expensive but it’s better then buying a bag! Girls it’s your skin don’t take a risk with buying prodact online

      • Kay Bohan on said:

        Same thing happened to me and my husband in las Vegas. We go to las Vegas at least ounce a year and will be setting up a picketing campaign informing people that these people will not refund your money and that you can buy this product online much cheaper. Anyone that has been ripped off should take some time to do the same. Please let people know they should do the same.
        Thank you,

        • You are right Kay, a lot of people in UK not happy with this product, but can not get refund. Every day, they are still selling and cheating people, I am among them. Should we do some thing? to help other to get away from this product?

        • good idea. I bought from inside Stratosphere and I will do exactly that when I go back. I was scammed, I fell for it and now they are not answering me. I am wondering if the people at Orogold CA are part of the scam.

      • Hi Tina
        I wished I had read your comments sooner. My husband and I was approached in a similar manner in Kensington High street
        we were inpressed with the products and bought some and then as we were ready to leave another man came along who said he was a partner in the company and procaeded to hard sell some more products which suprise suprise were not in stock our card has been debited this was two months ago and we can’t find this partner and can’t get our product because unfortunatly he did not mark on the receipt what had not been given to us.
        Neadless to say we are still waiting and can’t get our products which has cost us over £600 Pourds.
        please keep telling people about Oro Gold they NEED TO BE STOPPED.

  3. The same thing just happened to me 2 weeks ago in London. They have a very nice store set up at South Molton Street (just across from Browns, near Space NK). The store is located in Bond street which is filled with luxury brand name stores so who would have thought it would be a scam. I got a ‘x-mas’ promotion of buy this scrub that costs 100 pounds each for buying 3 for the price of 2. It seemed to work very well because I could see all the dead skin coming of.(But who knows, it could be some kind of silly gimmick) I thought it was a great deal and paid, but after that they were forcing me to try this and that and were offering me a 1000 pound mask set for the price of 700. I thought it was too expensive so I said no, then the sales said she’ll give me another 100 off because the box was damaged. Immediately I felt something was wrong, and tried to leave, but she still wouldn’t let me and forced me to try more products until finally I was able to leave. I felt something was wrong and searched in the internet and found out exactly what you found Tina, the prices were like 30 dollars.
    Absolutely horrible experience. Someone should take action towards this company!!

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      I’m sickened by this whole thing. The two girls who tagged team me were like bullies, when I first tried to leave SA said “DO YOU NOT SEE YOU NEED THIS, LOOK AT YOUR WRINKLES. Ok, I’ll give you this peel for free because you really need it”. After 30 minutes of berating and beating down I caved. OMG, so angry with myself for being so stupid! I am out $600 and have called Amex but who knows what they’ll do.

      • Amex is great at refunding those charges! How awful that sounds like you were shopping on the streets in China not in the US! Can you complain to the mall? Surely they know how shady they are!

        • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

          The crazy thing is there were already dozens of complaints on the BBB complaint board about that particular store! Yet the mall allows them to continue because they pay rent. With money stolen from people like me! I better call Amex again, just landed and have been unpacking and cooking all day. Ugh, so annoyed.

          • PLEASE GIRLS, please…all of us need to contact our STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL and 1-ask for help in getting our refund and 2-ask the State Attorney General to protect consumers and shut these OroGold stores DOWN in our States! It was amazing how quickly I got a refund and response in the past, when triple billed by a company who refused to reverse the charges, after I wrote to the State Attorney General! REALLY…help yourself and other women, and write to your State Attorney General about these lying sales practices!

            I’m in California and have started the process of fighting to get my refund and to get OroGold shut down in CA –by contacting the CA State Attorney General and the BBB– after also being LIED to on Nov 25, 2012.

            I had the eye serum and the night cream applied under my left eye and when I asked, “Do you have a RETURN POLICY”, I was also lied to and told, “Yes, 90 days”. The price was slashed two times for me, so I thought with the 90 day guarantee, why not. After getting home, 1 hour later, my eye was stinging from the eye serum so I looked at my receipt to confirm the Return Policy and found “No Refunds. Exchanges within 90 days” written on the very bottom of the receipt.

            I have also filed a complaint with the MALL MANAGEMENT asking why they would allow a lying/cheating store in their mall, and they are now involved in the process.

            It is worth the fight to get the FULL REFUND, since we all have been charged so much. Please help me in the fight. There is power in numbers and between all of us, I’d like to see OroGold TOTALLY SHUT OUT OF the United States! Best Wishes to you all!

        • Amex is usually pretty good about things like this, particularly if you are a long term cardmember. I hope you prevail, this sounds horrible. I hate the hard sell..honestly, those women deserve to be fined for not letting you leave…I’d file a wrongful imprisonment claim against the store in addition to demanding a refund!

          • Helena on said:

            Oro Gold is in Bond Street in London, now (must have moved from South Molton Street, which is just around the corner). I was offered a “sample” from inside the store by someone standing on the street. I spent a perfectly hideous five or ten minutes in the store, being lectured by some Italian who was really pushy and rude. Fortunately, I’m not easily swayed and left a very frustrated young person behind me, having not been able to sell me anything.

            I have emailed Oro Gold only to be told that they are purely an online store. Perhaps the store I saw yesterday is a franchise. I’m thinking of complaining to the Bond Street Traders Association. I have shopped Bond Street for over 25 years and have never experienced anything quite so very extraordinary in my life. It’s a nice street with nice stores. These people are like vultures.

      • As a young man with some knowledge of cosmetics, I must say, what a terrible experience overall. First and foremost the product(s) are made from colloidal gold which may present a few dermatological side effects if used over longer periods of time. As far as the face to face “experience,” this is how it went: First I was studied, and then complimented. Naturally I was sucked in. After the compliments…were the not so subtle hints my skin needed improvement. This woman was very persistent and would not let me out of the chair after performing 20 minutes of nail filing and exfoliating techniques. She even went as far as stating “we are friends.” After all that work I would’ve felt too GUILTY to not buy anything, so I purchased the daily cleanser. It seems just like any other product, because the first two ingredients are aqua, and sodium laureth sulfate. Those can be the first two ingredients in shampoo! At any rate, “buyer beware,”if it seems too good to be true, it is. -RB

    • Maria Digilio on said:

      The same think happened to me in bond street but I purchased the goods and then went back the next day for a refund and I was told when i purchased the goods that I will get a full refund back and when I went back the girl was there that told me that but then she said that my friend will give you back the money but they refused to refund me back £250 pounds don’t buy orogold there are conartist in bond street London . The are all lies that they say be aware of orogold.

      • Lucy Alterman on said:

        I’ve just returned from a shopping trip to Bond Street and had exactly the same experience. All the hard sell techniques I’ve just read about were used on me and I managed to get out of the shop spending £150 on the products. I had an uneasy feeling so when I got home I Googled them and found out about the scam. I am not usually a gullible person and in fact have been using the same beauty products for about 8 years now, but I was sucked in just like everyone else. I feel that the presence on Bond Street gave the products kudos and will also seek to report them.

        • Mackenzie on said:

          Exactly the same thing happened to me earlier, they were offering free samples outside their store on Bond Street, London and next thing I know I am whisked into the store. Immediately I was sceptical, if they were that exclusive, people would be queuing up instead of them having to grab people and force them in. The lady sat me down in a chair and proceeded to criticise my skin, I wasn’t happy at this point (just to clarify I am late teens, my skin still is hormonally unbalanced to say the least.) Having been to other brands for skincare, I know the difference between genuinely pointing out and helping with skin concerns and being plain rude. Ever the open minded, gullible girl, I let her try out some products on me, and voila I am not going to lie my skin looked better. Unfortunately, it was then that she started to turn on the hard sell. She brought out loads of products that I really didn’t need or want and tried to get me to buy them. She even offered me a special ‘student disount’ which was a £150 cream for £49. When she pulled out the price brochure I had to stifle a laugh, it was laminate plastic, very unprofessional. She proceeded to tell me that my ‘student’ discount would be for one day only so I should purchase the items today. I said that I didn’t have any money since I didn’t plan to go shopping, I was just passing by on my way home from work. She then asked me if I had a card, and thankfully I said no. When I came home and googled the company I was shocked to read one woman gave them her card and they charged her as they put the products on her face and then thanks to their ‘no return’ policy, she was charged hundreds of dollars. Another thing that struck me as suspicious was the saleswoman said the product was exactly same as crème de la mer and that they were going to shut the shop on Bond Street in the next few days as they were going to be stocked in Harrods and Selfridges. This all sounded a bit too convienient in my book. I am so glad I listened to my instinct and hotfooted it out of there before they scammed me. I am shocked that an establishment such as this can sit on such a prestigious street. I will be sticking to my beloved Clarins, if it’s good enough for Her Majesty, it’s good enough for me. LESSON: GIRLS DON’T BUY THIS OROGOLD.

          • Hello Mackenzie, I am a journalist looking into the activities of Oro Gold for a national newspaper in the UK and I came upon your posting. Would you be so kind as to email me at stevemills13@yahoo.com ? Then, if you’re happy to take part, perhaps we might arrange a telephone interview?

            Many thanks in anticipation, Steve

        • Clelia Clifton on said:

          I had exactly the same experience and would like to complain. Did you get any further by chance? Any suggestions?
          Many thanks in advance.

      • 30th December 2012 OROGOLD COSMETICS

        I purchased these products in South Molton Street, London, on the 30th December 2012 and after using them for two days I came up in a very bad rash. I went back to the shop after a couple days and demanded my money back but of course I was refused like everybody else and
        was told to e-mail c.service@everestm.com, I did that on the 4th of December and also sent photographs of my face which showed clearly the affects of the orogold creams. I received a standard automated e-mail introducing me to other web sites for more information on consumer rights. I replied that I already knew my rights and asked them to get back to me asap to solve my problem, and guess what! I was sent back the same e-mail. This was very frustrating and I am now thinking of going outside the shop and preventing any prospective customers from being dragged into the shop and giving these fraudsters anymore money. This is the only thing that I can think of doing which will effect them immediately or loose them money which is what they deserve. In the meantime though I will not hesitate to take this matter further. This should not be allowed to happen. It seems that we the consumers are not protected by these fraudsters i.e. Orogold Cosmetics, Everest Markething U.K. Ltd, London and whatever else they call themselves.

        • Hello Natasha, I am a journalist looking into the activities of Oro Gold for a national newspaper in the UK and I came upon your posting. Would you be so kind as to email me? Then, if you’re happy to take part, perhaps we might arrange a telephone interview?

          Many thanks in anticipation, Steve

          • A very “High End” looking set up in Bond Street – today 15th Feb – incredibly pushy team of salespeople – we went in simply because we actually wanted to sit down!! They figured we were ‘out of town hicks” and put so much pressure on us to buy the rubbish – needless to say after our bums had had a rest we were out of there… but to think they could get away with charging £199.99 bottle??? Of what looked to be glycerine with glitter in it??? Sadly other very vulnerable non English speaking women were being lured in as we were laughingly leaving – dreadful. Feel free to contact.

          • Anonymous on said:

            I was given a free sample of the moisturizer in Miami South Beach. The Kid who handed them out was friendly. He asked me to come inside the store but I refused and kept on walking. 2 weeks after my trip to south beach I ran across the sample and tried it out at home. The cream really felt good on my face but, I know I wouldn’t pay more than a standard oil of olay price for their products.

        • charlotte on said:

          This happened to me today. I was trusting because of the location but felt something was wrong with the way I was sold to. I still ended up spending £50 on the peel and after reading all this am too scared to use it :( I also feel like going back and asking for a refund will get me no where. What can be done????

        • Daniela on said:

          I have the same story in Kensington High Street in London. Despite allergic reaction any refund.
          The worst experience in this city….
          How is possible they can do this to they customers?

    • Melanie 35 on said:

      I have to say that yes i do agree that the sales person are very pushy, but i mean – that is their job
      The products themselves are fantastic!!
      I bought 650(!) pounds worth of products in south molton street in London two months ago and im thanking my self every day for doing so..
      My skin looks amazing!
      Im radiant and glowing!!
      My husband asked me if ive done a secret face lift!!!
      My girl friends literally ran to their shop to buy some for themselves cause they have seen the results on me!
      And also i dont know what they say in the US, but here in the UK its a well known thing that you dont always can get your money back when it comes to skin care (trading standards laws).
      But after all girls – its your decision on what to use on your face, i know that i would spend good money on good products!
      And no i will not buy a skin product online because im scared it will be fake!!
      And really i dont want to take that chance…
      Any way – i had a great experience with the Oro Gold products, i had a great time at their shop as well! The sale person was a very sweet and kind young man, yes, he was a bit pushy – but after all – he was right!
      It does the job!
      So he can be pushy or what not – i dont mined!
      What i do mind is that i look great!!
      I will defiantly buy some more for myself and my two sisters for Christmas.

      • Thanks Melanie, I bought today few of the product , all the negative I’ve read just now, I was upset, but you gave me confidence after reading your comment. Again Thank you.

        • I wish I would have seen all this earlier. I just had my wife go through all of the above and yes very pushie but I bought the whole line of stuff, discounted but yes I wanted her to be happy. She is beautiful but has dry skin and it seemed to work. I blow 500 on junk in a month so she is worth the try. Ill let you know how it works. Thanks for the heads up.

        • I just purchased several products in Dubai-I absolutely love them-I saw a change in my face in one day-Yes, they are pricey but worth it-They are cheaper in Dubai than US because its new to the Dubai Mall and you can really bargain with them-

      • Melanie, you are so fake…

      • Melanie, you’re a fake. Your English is not British in any way. We do not use the term “girl friends” for friends who are girls. Also, if you were from the U.K, you’d possess a British keyboard and would have the £ symbol.

    • Yes, it was horrible experience at High street kensington. It was the same way to push me to buy product, can you get how many victime like us each day spent alot of money for nothing??? some people suggest me make a call to wacht dog or customer right organization to complain.

      • Toni what do u mean victims??
        It sounds funny cause u decide if u wanna buy something or not..
        If u don’t wanna buy u can just say ‘no thank u, have a nice day’ and leave the store..
        And for all the ladies here : stop crying !!! If u want to buy the products so buy it,
        And if u don’t just say bye!

    • Hello Mackenzie, I am a journalist looking into the activities of Oro Gold for a national newspaper in the UK and I came upon your posting. Would you be so kind as to email me? Then, if you’re happy to take part, perhaps we might arrange a telephone interview?

      Many thanks in anticipation, Steve

      • Catherine Palmer on said:

        Hello Steve, I saw your post on Snobessentials. I would be interested to hear what you have found out about Orogold. I have discovered 2 closed shops in Covent Garden, 2 dissolved Orogold named companies on Companies House register. They currently operate as ISOD Ltd on their website but are registered as ISODI Ltd on Companies House, same adress as the reply on their customer services email reply.
        I have done a week of not sleeping after my experience on 28 July 2014 in 155 High Street Kensington, trawling the internet in all the citizens advice, WHICH.com, TRADING STANDARDS, Consumer Association, and contacted them all. I was completely taken in. When I left the shop I was euphoric, in a heightened state of excitement and had a feeling of tremendous gratitude to the sales Lady Jessica who had pursuaded me to purchase a product package. This feeling dissolved within 30 minutes and I was left feeling sick as though I had come out of trance, wondering what the hell had just happened. It is testament to how many times I refused that it took an hour, while she kept me there, she had performed 3 demonstrations, offered me for free another 3 product package, a 2 product package, 2 free facials, and a day cream. She flattered me, professed to want to help me, do me a favour, give me gifts that would go on her personal account, all while chatting away as though she was my friend and I was the luckiest person alive. Last night I sat up researching brainwashing/ mind control & manipulation techniques and am so ashamed that I fell for them. In my defence, Jessica is a master, they use her to train their staff!. According to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Scehdule 1, Orogold use use BANNED TACTICS described under aggressive marketing techniques, including Lure & Switch, Limited Offer, and free Offer subject to purchase. I have registered this complaint with the Citizens Advice Bureau and The Kensington & Chelsea trading Standards office, who are very familiar with Orogold and customer complaints. Steve, please do contact me. and to ANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE FALLEN FOR THE SCAM: CONTACT K&C TRADING STANDARDS 02073415645. According to their receipts which state, underneath the ‘ no refunds if you change your mind’ disclaimer, that ‘Redress will only be offered in accordance to your statutory rights’. The sales tactics are unlawful and a breach of your statutory rights. We have rights and their are regulators paid to protect us. The more people who register their complaints, the greater case can be made against them. Do NOT be ashamed.

        • Clelia Clifton on said:

          Hi Catherine, Could you please give me the address, e.g. who I have to contact/forward my complain? It happened to me in Bond Street at Christmas. I am so upset! Did you manage to get your money back? Many thanks in advance.

        • Has anyone heard from Steve and know if this is still being investigated?

          It appears that Oro Gold in South Molton St has closed down and become Tresor Rare.

          Same sales techniques.

  4. I had a really similar experience at Westfield Mall in Arcadia, CA. Thank God there was only one sales associate in the store. I got away after buying “only” a $400 peel for $100. She kept trying to convince me if I bought more it would be free. How is another product for $200 free I asked? She looked confused and admitted she was new and alone in the store and that she wasn’t sure how it worked. She tried to convince me to come back in an hour when someone was back from lunch by giving me a bunch of free samples. No way. I won’t even walk by the store now.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      It’s crazy how aggressive they are. I think of myself as a savvy shopper, especially when it comes to beauty products (I mean, hello). But when two people are beating you down you kind of get confused and start to believe you do look like shit and need what they are selling. By the way, whatever they put in the products to make your skin look good while you are at the store (It’s almost a clay like mask layer to make your skin appear white and smooth) does not last beyond the first washing of your face. This is why they tell you to wipe off with cotton and to not wash it off! The layer of product left on the face gives a mask like appearance.

  5. I am so sorry about your experience. Thank you for warning the rest of us. Glad that you posted your horrible experience. Let’s spread the words to warn everyone.

  6. I have heard about them and saw them at Sears too, sure I was intrigue but the way they do the sales pitch just absolutely pushy and down right irritating, I just play it cool and walk away, but am sorry to hear about how they scam you Tina, hope you get your money back!
    And I agree, this company should be shut down!

  7. Hi Tina, a very similiar thing just happened to my dad at the mall, except it was a hand treatment system. 2 step system for $100 each jar, my dad said no, same high pressure sale we will throw in a extra jar for free, then 2 extra jars for free. He walked away! He said his hands were very soft though! I think we have to be careful of these kiosks and high pressure sales, sounds like alot of scams.

  8. Hi Tina. I am sorry to hear about this. Something similar happened to me…I wound up paying $87.00 for a $6.00 tooth whitening pen!
    Maybe you could try contacting your local State Attorney’s office.
    If it were me, I contact an attorney…most consultations are free. Perhaps it would take nothing more than a letter from him to get you the refund you were promised.
    Good luck, Pam

  9. I too was like a magnet for all these aggressive sales personnel in Vegas. I tried a different approach and told them that wrinkles were a natural aging process and I liked the character they added to my face. One woman asked how it felt around my eyes now that I looked 10 years younger and I replied “Awful, I just want to wash my face”. They asked my husband if he noticed a difference. He replied “Not one bit”. They left us alone. Remember as soon as you wash your face you wash away all the lotions. Save your money. This company is selling a scam.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      I totally agree, the “mask” they put on me is made of thermal clay– they wouldn’t rinse it off, they take it off with a cotton ball (dry) so a layer of clay is on your skin, giving the appearance of a faux flawless skin. I am such a sucker! Glad you got away!

      • How can this company show proof that they use ingredients from the Dead Sea?. Their tactics are totally aimed at getting a sale at any cost. In Las Vegas there was a strong Israeli sales force, which seemed like all part of the persuasion technique. I am planning my next step, the fact that so many people have been conned is criminal.

        • OroGold does not claim to have ingredients from the Dead Sea, if that’s what they told you it was just those salespeople inventing that.
          OroGold does however claim to have 24 karat gold in their products which I’m sure is not true. If you want to go after OroGold, maybe take a product to a lab to test it’s ingredients. I’m pretty sure that what the box says has nothing to do with the real ingredients of the product.
          That way by the way, you will be taking care of the source and not fighting a million different store/kiosk owners who are buying the products from OroGold and selling in their store.
          Good luck

  10. I to had the same experience as all the others who have complained about the high pressure, high prices, and unethical practices. I believe all the stores should be shut down.

  11. I had the same thing happen and I NEVER buy stuff like this, especially at such an expensive price. The salesman kept throwing in “free gifts” and talking about spoiling me. He even had the nerve to say that he wants to help and he has good karma for giving people such a discount!

    No refund from them, so I tried Amex and I was told that they cannot take in any creams or toiletries! Did you get your refund Tina? If so, how did you go about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. this whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      I am still waiting to hear back from Amex but they didn’t say that creams or toiletries would not be taken back. In fact the agent who took down my story was appalled and had something similar happen to her so she was determined to solve it for me! Call Amex again- refer this blog entry and all the other complaints about these crooks! xo Tina

  12. i just brought this product today @ Glendale Calif. I was so Stupid i really believe the sales person promo.buy one get one FREE…….
    When i got home i check price @ amazon. its was SHOCK the prices 75% different.then i look at my receipt its NO RETURN….I don’t know how this products ?

  13. I work in an upscale mall in Boston as a Beauty Advisor for a enviornmentally fit botanical lifestyle brand. An oro gold shop is located on the first floor and on over 15 occasions Ive had women come in either crying or crazed over thier horrible products and “bullies”. Well today I had just had enough. A 20 year old girl who attends college nearby came into my shop crying hysterically. She had been bullied by two men into buying an 8 piece mask system and a 24k milk creme moisturizer at Oro Gold. She was shaking and had to return every single item she had purchased that day just to make up for the money she had spent at Oro Gold. She is a loyal customer at the store I work at and she wanted my opinion because I know how her problematic skin can react to non-organic or botanical ingredients. I advised her ( without trash talking another brand) that she probably shouldnt use a milk creme moisturizer because she has oily skin and is acne prone. Also the mask sold to her was for wrinkles and fine lines… SHE IS 20 YEARS OLD!!! I told her she was beautiful and she may want to protect her skin in the future,but she does not need to worry about fine/deep lines or wrinkles. She said she was going downstairs to return it because she didnt want it in the first place and she was intimidated by two european men. About 20 minutes later she came back in with mascara running down her face and what looked like and allergic reaction. She said they claimed she needed to address her horrible skin and even if they could they wouldnt return the product because she was in such need of it. During this false “consultation” she was told if she wasnt satisfied with the product they would refund her 100% and 20 mins later they told her EVEN IF THEY COULD THEY WOULDNT! They also gave her 2 free items or “gifts” as they called them that she DID NOT want. All she wanted was her money back.. Thats disgusting behavior. The product also started creating a rash on her problematic skin. I gave her a mini facial and told her not to let those bogus products touch her face again and to file a police report. I am so outraged by that company. I went in the store and acted like a customer just to see thier outrageous behavior first hand and they tried to get me for 2000 dollars. I expressed that it looked like the products werent doing anything as they assured me I needed it I pulled up amazon.com and laughed at them and said ” Hope you like prison because the rate you are going you will be there soon for this HARASSMENT you bestow on others!” Sorry to everyone who fell victimized by this ridiculous scam! A real company should be able to stand by thier product.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      I just got a letter from Amex that OroGold won my case against them. I have to pay the $600 for the products. I can not believe this scam of a company is winning! But I don’t know what to do…

      • I want to cry, just by how tupid I was toda y. I got ” stucked” with $200 of products at Avenura Mall, fl
        Being uses you can return what you don’t like at a store. I thought, Wellington if I don’t like them, go back and return them next day.
        OMG, I feel terrible. But I am definately gong to say everything to averyone at the Mall, near the Orogold stand. At the end at least are they any good?
        Never again Williams I buy from peolple at a kiosk. I was oñ my wat to Lancome. Cojos haber but something cheaper….. Bubububububu…..
        Lets sordas the word, about Orogold.

  14. I did the same mistake like you. I just brought three 24K Oro Gold peels and day cream for $250 @ Fiarfax Virginia Mall. I was so Stupid to believe other customers’ words at the kious saying the products are good and I wonder if that is a set up. I ended up by the seacretspa recover for 3 year supply spending over $1500 When i got home I did not feel comfortable and researched the web site realizing most reviews are negative. What can I do now? I don’t think I can return them either. Based on your experience, I won’t be able to return the merchandize. I hope they improve my skin, otherwise I do waste all that money for unethical sale. I am not smart in this case should never believe these non inspected products from other countries. I don’t know what else to do either.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      It’s an outrage that they are getting away with this. My next step is reporting them to the Better Business Bureau… Tina

      • Holly on said:

        I’m in Las Vegas and purchased the products at the Paris Hotel. Yes, the sales people were a little pushy, but both my spouse and I immediately saw reduction in lines and dark circles. We both purchased and tried their peel too. It worked great on my spouse, but I couldn’t get it off part of my face. It stuck to the peach fuzz! I got very upset and worried. After lots of water, scrubbing, and just picking it off – it all went away. (No rash or redness remain; the skin is smooth.)After reading your blog, I was prepared for trouble today when I went back to the store to return this one item. I spoke with the sales woman from whom I purchased the products. She offered me alternative products, but gave me no trouble getting a refund. In fact, because I purchased all the products under the “Gold Package”, I wasn’t sure how much of a refund I would get. The store was very fair and refunded an amount I wanted, but didn’t expect to get.

    • I personally know both brands very well, OroGold and Seacret Spa. I’m sorry for all the people here gotten scammed by the OroGold aggressive salespeople, the product is a total scam.
      I do want to reassure you that Seacret Spa really are very good high quality products. I’ve been using a few of their products for several years now and could not be happier. I have a skin condition on my face that no other product in the market was able to take care of, and completely disappeared after a couple of days of using Seacret products. The Dead Sea Minerals work. That’s a fact.
      Good luck to all the rest of you with bringing OroGold down..

  15. I have an idea. Why don’t all of the women on here and have been scammed by this company go out and save some other women from the same mistake they made. Suggestion, print off these comments and stick in your purse. Instead of avoiding this kiosk, find it the next time you are out shopping. If there is someone in the booth, go up to the customer and interupt the sales shark and expose them with the truth. Nothing will get them to quit until the truth gets out there. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

  16. I am completely disgusted by this company. I received a gift set from my mother for xmas and really liked it. Then I went to her house this past week and she has a huge box full of products. She started crying when I asked her about it. She was completely bullied at a kiosk in the mall in Cerritos, Ca. She was conned into spending over $2,500 which she cant afford. She tried to return the unopened products and they were rude with here and the man at the kiosk took her receipt and said he would talk to his partners. Its so disturbing how they are still in business. I am doing research on the Better Business Bureau and what I can do to try and get her money back. I am happy that you are blogging about this. I just hope it prevents some people from buying their products.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s experience! Let me know what you come up with. xo Tina

    • I recently had the same experience with the sales people at the mall. I was suckered in to it, but I fought back. Did a little research on the internet regarding the California law “no refunds, only exchanges”. It turns out all merchants who sell this way, must post a sign where it is visible for customers informing them of such a policy. Stating the policy on the receipt does not satisfied the law. I went to the kiosk and took pictures of proof that no sign was posted and informed them about the California law. The next day I went back again and they had placed a small sign posted by the cash register. By then I had talked to the owner over the phone and he promised me that I would be taken care of. They did not and were rude to me. I hate feeling powerless. So I decided to stand by the kiosk and let potential customers know that there are no refunds, only exchanges. They ran off quickly. The sales people were angry and told me that what I was doing was illegal. I DON’T THINK SO. I also told them I would come everyday and keep informing customers. I wanted to hit them back at their pockets. It worked. He called his boss. We negotiated and I received 50 percent back of my charges. It was more or so reasonable to what I would pay for the products on-line (not from their website) However, I am not going to stop. Each time I go to any mall, and see an Orogold or a Premier Products Kiosk,I will devote sometime to inform potential customers about the refund policy. I am angry that consumers are being robbed. We need to do something to stop their sale tatics.

  17. I had the experience in San Francisco. It was in a big shopping mall and the sales men look very professional. After 20minutes selling talking, I decided to consider before buying them.finalin the sales man was angry because I wasted his time without buying his products. I just realize he was a faker.

  18. At least I’m not the only one who feels like a fool. And what a fool….I’m out $2000.00. I got almost yanked walking down strip in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I had been gambling and drinking and not thinking like a sane person. They kept avoiding stating price and the next thing I’m handing over charge, which they rang up and it didn’t sink in I just charged $2000.00. I was so pissed I allowed these people to snow me it ruined my vacation. What made me even madder is I let this happen, and I could not afford their junk. I havent used the junk at all. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  19. I wish I had seen all your comments before I just got suckered into buying products from the Oro gold store on the Las Vegas strip. I came back to my hotel and immediately looked up the products and almost got sick when I realized how much I have over paid. I got about 12 products for $1800….OMG how is it that this type of sales scam can occur right out in the open. The gentleman who attended to me was a great salesman. And….the product did show immediate results so how could I argue. Every time I tried to leave he said let me just show you one more thing. Of course everything he showed me had results and of course he was giving me a “great deal.” I am such an idiot for falling for this scam. I will definitely use every ounce of product given the price I just paid. I will never again be entertained by anyone giving out free samples of anything. I should have known better but I got up at 3:30 this morning to head to the airport to come to Vegas from the East coast so being overtired left me vulnerable. If anyone comes up with a way to put an end to this scam let me know and I will pitch in….you can bet I won’t hesitate to say something to others if I see them getting pulled into the stores…

    Another sucker taken for a ride…I should have bought stock in the company as I’m sure they must have incredible profits.



    • I also got caught up while visiting Las Vegas. I only lost $35 on the Gold Facial/Peel. Of course the offer started much higher and for other products. But, when the saleswoman offered the facial for $35 I though it was a good deal. Especially when I had seen and felt the difference on the top of my hand when she showed me how it worked.

      How come it does not work like that on my face now that I am home? It is a shame how these “carnival barkers” act to tourists; it left a bad taste in my mouth about Las Vegas in general.

      It is a shame about

  20. I wish I had found your site earlier. I just sent the following e-mail to BBB Online:

    “Today I purchased $53.12 product from Oro Gold, after being pushed into purchasing what the sales representative Idan said was originally 100+ dollars but that day, he was selling it for $79. He said he would throw in a sample of foot moisturizer. I said I wouldn’t buy it, it was too expensive, and he looked over his shoulder to see if his colleague were in the room, and told me he’d sell it to me for $53 dollars. He told me to zip my lips, as he threw in a full-sized bottle of foot moisturizer.When I got home, I looked at my receipt, and, at the bottom, it said, “We will be happy to exchange your products at any time so long it has not been opened. However, WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS!” I have never purchased a cosmetic product that would not offer refunds, so i was surprised to find it at the bottom of my receipt.When I looked up the product online, I was surprised to find at least a hundred women complaining about being scammed in a similar way (e.g. the looking over the shoulder, being given inflated prices and then giving a huge discount, and the unsettling “No refunds” at the bottom.)Because the store was at Copley, I did not expect this kind of scam. There are so many complaints, I cannot believe the company is still in business. Please help me. Though I know that $53.12 is a relatively small amount, I feel scammed and tricked. For more examples of these complaints, please see http://www.yelp.com or http://www.beautysnob.com/2011/11/oro-gold-cosmetics-fools-gold.html . My credit card said that it cannot help me in getting a refund [because it does not count as fraud since I met the merchant and signed the receipt].”

    Ugh. If anyone in Boston has had success getting her money back, I’d love a response. Mostly, I’m embarrassed that I fell for this. I always skip kiosks but because it was a store in Copley, I thought I was safe.


    • Anita Cole-lomas on said:

      Hi, had the same problem at Copley. Felt pressured by two guys intially then followed by one only. Tested eye creams on me and peel total price around $500. I said thats too much so he did the line ” well l sold $4000 today so l can give this to you for $150 l did feel suscipous but l felt obliged to buy. He kept throwing in products. I was tired just flown in from the UK. I left the shop and wandered around the mall but felt uneasy about this so l read the receipt and ‘used items are exchanged or credit – unused items full refund within 7 working days so l went back feeling nervous as they are a strong team, but l did get my refund phew!!! I sticking to my Clarins that l know well.

  21. Well, i do have to agree with the sales tactics being wrong. However, i love the prodcuts. My mom and I have been using them for the past year and have seen magic on our skins. The problem is the people selling the prodcut but it has nothing to do with the people making the product. They just wholesale and distribute to people who make the product look horrible but its technically nothing to do with the manufactures. Also, i have noticed that all the kiosks are exaclty the same. I have seen nail carts, hair iron carts, dead sea carts and for some reason, alllllll of them have horrible pushy sales people. I guess the sales people are the face of the products but i dont believe this is a scam. I buy my products directly off orogoldcosmetics webite and purchase directly from the manufactures so i dont have to deal with those rude people pushing to buy. That way i can shop calmly and choose what i want on my own and not let anyone talk me into buying what they think works for me. I dont think the manuifactrues of this prodcut is necessarily affiliated with these rude sales people. My point is, i still love their prodcuts eventhough the people selling it SUCK!

    • I agree with you, The sales tactic may not be honest but the products are great I have been using them for less then a month and my skin looks and feel different. I bought my at Main Place in Santa Ana CA. I was already planning on speding at least 200 for products somewhere else tho since the winter is coming and my skin get really bad.. The girls at sephora were just rude and none of them help me so I went to oro Gold insted I paid $200 for the peeling and the other one that comes with it and honestly the are the best products I have used in my 26 years of age.. and online I found them and they were $180 each..

  22. Don’t you think you people are exaggerating? I mean really, how can someone get “suckered” into making you buy something you don’t even want?! The truth is that, yeah the salespeople are pushy, ALL SALESMEN are pushy, it’s their job…. TO SELL!!! They didn’t force you to take out your wallet, you chose to buy what you did. I’ve never been pushed into buying anything i did not want, no matter what sales tactics they use. I mean yeah, the products are pricey but you pay for the quality, not the sales pitch. The products are NOT rip offs because they actually work. Bottom line, the product works. That’s why I bought them and that’s probably why you did too, and that’s the truth.

    • Lisa, I don’t think its a question of the product itself but when you realize after the fact that these kiosks or stores selling the product have marked the price up beyond belief it’s not exaggerating…it’s truly a rip off. Some people find it easier to walk away from pushy salespeople… unfortunately this is not the case for all of us. I had no idea how inexpensive these products are online until after I had already been mislead by the salesman and had purchased $1800 worth of product. I now know I could have paid a few hundred online for all products I walked out with (some of which he said he was giving to me as a gift)…he claimed I was getting such a “great deal”….what a bunch of BS…it is a scam.

      • Jonathan on said:

        I bought the same products as you and yes they were overpriced as opposed to amzon price, but truth be told, they are amazing!

        so sure, I paid alot the first time but I would never have met this brand if not for that young man who got me inside the shop and gave me a deal.

        it’s easy to moan and cry but at the end of the day your credit card is yours and not anyone elses, so as long as it stays in your wallet you’re good…

      • HA! You cry about markup?? I work for Gucci… How much do you really think it costs to make a purse???
        A lot closer to $30 then the $3000 we sell it for.
        Grow up! You don’t like the mark-up, go to the flea market

  23. The exact same thing happened to me. They made a false promise to consumer, like ” money back guarantee ” and they even lied to me who was the manager. The lady said because she likes me nd she is the manager, so she can give me a deep discount. But when I came back to return the products within an hour, the guy worked there said he was the manager.

    We should report to Attorney General Consumer Protection Division of MA, and TV channel 5 for investigation. Also, we should contact the Simon mall to let them know. One of the reason we spent so much money was because we trusted the stores inside the Copley Place. This kind of deceptive sale has to be stopped.

  24. The same exact thing happened to me @ Century city mall.It is crazy how they lie
    And get away with it.They are crooks from israel.The Unfortunate Thing is that I am alergic to the product too, so my $1100 is Gone and I can not even use the product. My eyes were the size Of 2 eggs the next day and my face was swellen.
    They are bunch of thieves & I hate them.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      Omg, total crooks, I agree! I’m glad so many people are sharing their horror stories. xoxo tina

    • I had the same heavey pressure sell at Copley. Got suckered into spending $200 on the eye cream and they apparently gave me the eye serum for free. Checked Amazon too and the products are way cheaper on there. To make things worse, I was allergic to them as well. 2 days into using it and my eyes were swollen, red & itchy, then peeled slightly and now 2 weeks later, even my old creams that were absolutely fine are stinging. I went back to Copley for a refund, but I was told they could only do refunds within 7 days. They did exchange it for some body products. Can’t believe the trouble I’ve had with my eyes. Very painful. 1st time I’ve ever had a reaction to eye creams…and I’ve tried a lot!

  25. I’m glad you blogged about your experience with Oro Gold. I was walking along the mall today and an Oro Gold sales staff stopped me and asked if she could show me something amazing too. I’ve never heard of the brand till today so I thought I’d hear the lady out. After trying a few products on my hands, I told her I have sensitive skin and will try the moisturiser at home first to see if it’s suitable for me. I thanked her, stood up and proceeded to leave when her male colleague appeared and started hard selling more of their products. This man was a lot more pushy and would not let me leave despite having told him I was hard pressed for time (I ended up being “kept” in the store for half hour despite wanting to leave within the first 10min!). In the end, I told him point blank that I didn’t have the habit to buy new skincare products without doing some research first then I thanked him and quickly walked away.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  26. Hi, the same thing hapened to me and I never fall for these things, but these sales people are amazing they could just read me and knew what buttons to push “you work hard and deserve to spoil yourself”, etc, etc. I am also really angry, mostly about being over charged. I did get a receipt though and it is not stamped no refund but I also purchased it at a kiosk and don’t know who to contact as I was promised my money back if I wasn’t happy and I honestly am not seeing any difference and the day cream is a nightmare for my acne. I live in Gauteng in SA – if anyone knows where I can go or who to call, please let me know.

  27. OMG… I just got taken today too… I went to the Mall and got stopped by a VERY good salesman… I ended up paying $300 for 6 products…So I came home and went on line, only to find that I paid probably triple the price from Amazon… These products better do everything he promised !!!!!!!!!!! I am just another Sucker….. Live and learn… Seeing as everyone is saying they will not give refunds… UGH !!!

  28. Unreal!!! How ironic….I just had the same exact experience with my Mom on Monday at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach…..The guy was RELENTLESS.. they started making tons of claims and then throwing Oprah’s name in the mix and how she uses this product , etc. They applied the serum around my laugh lines around the mouth area , ON ONE SIDE of course and honestly, I couldn’t see much difference. I’m an RN who has been using botox for 10 years plus I’m pretty skin savvy interms of peels, creams and I know the mechanics of fillers and how they work. This salesman told us he was the “owner” of the shop and this deal he was offering us, on his Ipod of course, was for TODAY ONLY!! He told me how botox actually damages the muscle and causes muscle destructionwhich i know is a blatant lie because its administered subcutaneously; just causing temporary paralysis. I knew we wouldn’t buy any products but the relentless hard sell of this guy was unbelievable. My mom also informed him that as the wife of a retired salesman, she knows that there’s no such thing as “this deal is for today only”. …..I’m glad we were able to resist the temptation to buy as we told him we have “real bills to pay like mortgages, property taxes and groceries” but this guy would not let up! Finally we said we would be on our way and left. His whole demeanor changed when he realized he wasn’t making his sale and I see how they get away with this gimmick. They serve champagne and the store is very high end in appearance but i’m so glad I checked this site to see the product is nothing but bunk!!!

    • Oro Gold scam!!!

      I was suckered and bought $300 worth of this product at the Southbay galleria because of a high pressure salesperson. He lied and said it was all natural, and also lied and said the products were on Oprah. I got the products home only to find that they were not on Oprah and not all natural, but contained the chemical benozyl peroxide, which I am allergic to. After 10 calls and two trips to the store I was finally able to return the product and get a refund, only because I was allergic!!!!

  29. It’s really a nightmare! I just spent $650.00 on their products couple days ago at the stonestown mall. Of course, all the bad things happened to me. I don’t know why I’m so stupid. Can I sue them?

  30. I just had an experience with Orogold today at the Main Place Mall in Orange, CA. Lucky for me, I spotted right away the “this weekend only” scam like sales pitch (buy 2 bottles of eye serum and cream for $400.00 and get the facial cream and peel free) and a few other bully tactic giveaways, the Israeli girl mentioned Dr. Oz, too, so I said because this products were expensive, I wanted to do some research before I buy, the girl walked.
    I don’t know if the fact that my husband was there with me had anything to do with this seemingly easier outcome than what some of you experienced? I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for eye creams anyway in the first place unless it’s really proven by Dr. Oz (in lieu of having Botox done or a facelift). Maybe that’s what saved me.
    But, for the sake of reminding ourselves…
    Ladies, don’t spend hundreds of dollars without doing some research. But most of all, trust your instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, walk away. Hold on to your hard earn money. Don’t give in…ever…to anybody, under any circumstances. Don’t feel obligated because you are not. Tell yourself you don’t know these people and you don’t owe them a thing. They don’t know who you are neither and they would be careless who you are. They only want your money. That’s it. Once you have that knowledge imprinted in your brain, you’ll always do the right thing for yourself and no one else.
    Good luck.

  31. I usually pride myself in being able to spot a conman/woman a mile away, and usually walk away quite easily but these sales persons are the absolute BEST at what they do. Granted my interest was piqued …….which was probably my biggest down fall here. Ok my bad!!!

    Granted, the beautiful faces, young bodies, and slick talk really gushes and oozes honey!!!! They still managed to take a fair wack off me!!! I was quite angry with myself ….. but decided that I needed to take action on this.

    I got mine back on them just yesterday. Told that because I had dropped a large amount Rands into their laps, I would be given (free of charge …. of course) a facial worth just over R1000.00. Of course it would have to be taken up within the same month.

    So I waited until near the end of the month, phoned and got this way out,….. non committal …..voice on the other end,….. until I explained that I wanted to take up my free Facial.

    Well the honey started dripping once again!!!!

    I also was fully aware that the “Facial” I was about to receive was probably a make shift, either half face or just the use of one product, and not the entire shebang that one would normally get on a proper facial treatment!! After all ….. it was a freebee!!

    None the less, this was payback time for me, and I was about to take them on and walk out with naught more than I had already dropped at their feet!! The bonus would be that I was about to become a stronger person than that of Sales talk.

    Of course the appointment went a little like their normal reeling in of sales, with more talk of how you look and what could be done for you, and just how much you deserve to treat yourself…. a pat on the back for the sales person.

    With the makeshift treatment over, and a definite immediate improvement on the skin (yes bonus points for that one too)I was now being told about their most expensive product in the range – the Gold Mask which retails at a whopping R25 000.00!!!

    Great…. this was my big chance!! Yip, really got them going.

    They interested me in being able to give me this amazing deal which ….. together with the Facial stretching mask (I had just received as the free “facial”), and because they had already sold Gold Mask set at FULL PRICE today,……. would allow me to purchase the entire 2 sets at the amazing deal of just R2500.00!!!! Wow!!!

    Oh the best for last!!!!!! LOL…….the very best – by taking this deal I would be ONE of just SEVEN people in South Africa, to have this very very very expensive Gold Mask product!!!!

    Well long story short, I looked them directly in the eyes, and told her that if they was able to give me this great deal today, then when I am ready to take my existing product to the next level – after using them up, and seeing any long term benefits, that have been promised to me…. by them and Orogold…. then the exact same deal would be offered to me at the time I would like to buy it.

    It took some doing, but needless to say, attitude changed,….. BUT I left feeling much more empowered!!!!

    Oh, and by the way, it helps if you leave your bag in the car whilst you do this!!! They can’t lean in and wiggle your credit card out of your bag this way!!!

    Yay to me!!!!

    So Girls, don’t just get caught and get Angry, get even!!

    Even if you just go in and take them for the hour’s ride to walk out without giving them the sale!!

    It’s up to us to learn to be stronger in economic crunch times and become more savvy. The hunters out there are getting hungrier and more cunning!

    Oh …………and if you think they will feel badly about making them loose the sale, ……… believe me they were fake in the beginning, and didn’t care about anything other than the sale in the first place!!

    Go Girls go….. become more savvy, and empowered!!!

    • Boots vasquez on said:

      I really couldn’t agree more with your comments. We just came back from one of their branch in London New Bond Street. Somehow the sales talk they’ve given us more or less the same lines of heckling and promises which is out of this world. Sadly my friend was the one again bullied to purchased another x2 skin products for listen to this from £298.00 down to 198.00. When we were about to leave the shop, this woman who claimed the owner said she will give me one of the moisturizer for £49.00 from £149.00 and she will throw the cleanser free for my friend as sadly they already have taken almost£300.00 Beware guys, be vigilant as this people OROGOLD is a scum.

  32. THIEVES!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!I was suckered into buying Orogold products from Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, CA. After doing some research at home, the $2500 I spent was an overcharge of 75% from what I could have bought the items for on the internet. I can go on and on about the sales pitch,but if you have read the previous stories, it is the same. Basically convincing a 65year old lady that OroGold is the fountain of youth. BS!!! No returns or refunds. Has anyone else had success in receiving their money back????? Please spread the word so that others don’t lose out on their money too.

  33. I just got home from the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, Ca and was also suckered into buying these products. Luckily, I got out of there with only spending 160$ but I was also assured that I could return the products and when I came home to do some researching on the product I just purchased and my “free gifts” I came across this website. I am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who fell for this! I also have an appointment for a free facial and although a free facial sounds fantastic, I have no desire to ever go back into that store. I’m only out 160$ and sadly, I feel like I am one of the lucky ones for making it out of that store without spending hundreds of dollars. Thank you for blogging this and thank you everyone for sharing your stories. I wont fall for this ever again!

  34. Barbara on said:

    Well, I had the same experience at the Irvine Spectrum Mall. Just walking by going to my car, a salesgirl called me in and stupidly I entered. I bought the eye cream & serum for $400 with a 2 added gifts. Then unfortunately for me I had time to do a facial. With two women working on you telling you how great the product works on you, I got sucked into buying more product and so many gifts included. They reassured me over and over I could return the product. I felt overwhelmed, I am so angry at myself for letting these sharks talk me into the product. I did the same as everyone else, went home researched it on the internet found out I did not get any gifts at all, I really paid for everything. I took it back the next day and of course like everyone was told no returns. I called customer service, they told me they would look into this and get back to me. That never happened. I am out a lot of money I could not afford. They are sharp, even though I new in my gut I should not buy it, I felt pressured and went with it. What a disaster.

  35. Gosh, I have done well then. They cornered me at their Bond St store in London today. Again the guy was charming and told me that they had a special offer that was ending today – shocker!!!He wanted to test some eye cream on me but as I was wearing a full face of make-up there was no way I was letting him near me!Although he was a very skilled sales person I never purchase skin care without researching it. I think I became wary once he told me the cost of the stuff. I had no intention of buying a thing especially when he told me how much he was charging. He then proceeded to better the price offered to me and used his sales techniques to try to pursuade me by making crazier promises. It was very full on and I couldnt wait to leave. Wow, having just googled the brand I am so glad I walked with just a crummy free sample. I really feel for some of you and thank you for sharing it all. This Londoner had a lucky escape from Jonathan and his “gold” promise today. Just awful.

  36. Mark C. on said:

    I’m a guy and I got tricked into a purchase as well. They are VERY aggressive and the woman would lie and say “listen, don’t tell my boss but I will give you my own employee discount.”…but I’m sure it’s still considered overpriced and/or NOT even a discount at all. The more you are resistant, they will most likely bring up the “don’t tell my boss I’ll give you my employee discount” shpeel, and just might throw in something else “for free”. Luckily I escaped and just ended up getting the nail kit (hand lotion, tea tree (supposedly) cuticle oil, nail smoothing block, and nail filer). They usually ask what skin care I use and bash whatever it is (Chanel, Bvlgari, YSL, L’Occitane, etc.), in comparison to their “exquisite, top of the line” skin care products. They won’t even care if you’re in a hurry, they are confident you’ll thank them in the end. They brag about how others have recently purchased “thousands of dollars worth of their products” and how it’s “a secret weapon for respected A-List celebs in Hollywood”. The first time I was pulled into their sales trap, I was insistent that I was not interested and you know what the sales lady told me?? She said this to me: “YOU HAVE UGLY SKIN… YOU NEED OUR PRODUCTS!” I’m surprised I was tricked into buying their nail kit several months later. They aren’t worth it, if you’re going to spend $$$ for skin care, try a reliable source such as Neiman Marcus/Barneys/Saks, etc.

  37. Kimmie on said:

    I feel so stupid now. My husband and I went in the store….same stories with everyone here of how the sale person trick you to buy their products. My husband pay for the stuffs worth amout $1000. This is terrible.

  38. OMG I can’t believe all these stories, or yes I can. They nabbed me as I was on my way to a Lingerie store. in Century City, C> I kept saying I need to go to an appointment I’ll be late. The Sales Person was very aggressive and said let me show you the difference with your eyes. She put eye serum on the left eye and held a mirror up at an angel for me to see the difference.
    I did see some difference, but then again I was really tired.
    Next thing I know I’m getting. I’m trying to get out of there again and the sales Woman is going if you get this and that. I so stupid I buy the Eye serum, eye cream, and deep peeling is says a discount of $49.83% total came to $328.25.
    Then she says I like you so much your so sweet I want to give you a facial. I was thinking that she wanted to sell me more product. I go back at 3pm the same day and get the 24 k Bionic Complex Thermal Mask. She puts it on one side of my face and we wait 20 minutes it was warm and it felt Ok. She wiped my face off with cotton balls. She held the mirror up on an angel and says what do you think can you tell a difference. I could tell a difference, so we proceed to do the otherside. I walk out buying the mask for 34.78% off. putting it at a grand total of $163.12.
    By the time night time came around my face was really uncomfortable. I must be allergic to God knows what in this product, my left eye was bugging me. All night long I was up putting cool wash cloths on my face. I was so uncomfortable. By 11:30 I called Citibank to cancel the transaction they said it was pending and see what I could do at the store tomorrow. I called Citibank again at 6:30 and told them the product was causing some kind of allergic reaction. They said it is up to the Store since there is a no return policy. I went to the store at 10:30 this Morning and said I want my money back whatever was in the mask is not agreeing with my face and I am was uncomfortable all night. I also said my left eye was bugging me, that some product must of gotten in it. The song and dance went you know we can only exchange, what can we do for you etc etc. I said I understand your no return policy, but at the same time I did not know that I was going to have a reaction to your product like this, and I do not want to use any of your product. I called Citibank, again they said it was up to the Merchant. The Sales Woman, which was not the same one. knew I was upset and obviously she has no authority or at least that’s what she told me. I said I don’t want other product I was just going to walk out I was so upset. She traded out all the product on supposedly gentlier product. She let me put some moisturizer on my face to calm it down. It is 1:27pm Sat is still uncomfortable, and I don’t want this product. It has almost become the principal is someone walks in says Wow I’m sorry but I am having an allergic reaction to this. Usually the store doesn’t even hesitate and will just refund your money. I hate this hard sell kind of selling, and I know better for heaven sakes I am 55 years old, why on Earth did I let this happend. I just don’t want the product and I am taking it back. I will not use it. I’m upset with Citibank they will not help me.

  39. Annika on said:

    I was on a business trip to vegas and did not get conned! The sales pitch and lotions seem real but I didn’t buy anything since I said I only had hand luggage. Thought about returning to buy something the next day but after reading all these blogs I’m glad I didn’t. Thank you all

  40. i just got a 24k gld deep day cream and and an acne prevention mask +24k gold deep peeling for $39. i thought this was great value and now i have read some of these comments i relize i got a bargain as it seems some of you have spent over $570 on these exact creams :ouch

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      Nice, rub it in! lol.

      • After almost a month of falling prey of Oro Gold Cosmetics trap in to buying their products, I finally was able to return and get a full refund. The management in the mall where this kiosk is located helped me to achieve this. I sent to them a complaint about their deceptive sale practices. I told them how the event took place how the sales person failed to disclose their “No return policy”. I took a lot of e-mailing and calling to the owner and the mall’s management to have this resolve. The nightmare is over now. Never again Oro Gold Cosmetics.

  41. I just got conned in London. This is so not like me. I was jet lagged and a bit hungover and fell for every trick. It’s not over though. I’m going home but writing them for a refund of the difference between what the products are worth and what they charged me. And providing proof that I work for one of the largest media companies in the world. If they don’t, I will be sure to make information on their scam goes viral.

    • Kerry, what happened after that? Can you use any of your media contacts to expose this company? They are now “tresor rare” in London BTW.

  42. Wow!!! I’m relieved I wasn’t the only one accosted by these creeps!!!! I went to Mission Viejo Mall yesterday in a great mood walking towards my beloved Sephora when this girl Adell was passing out samples and stopped me to waste my precious time. I knew from the minute she opened her mouth she was selling me crap. I was very nice and patient to her and she was taking advantage of that! My gut instinct kicked in. She offered to give me EVERYTHING for FREE if I bought something. I work too hard for my money and have learned my lesson in the past. I wasn’t going give my money away that easily.

    Shame of these people and product line to harass and take advantage of people. When I told her I wasnt going to buy it about the fifth time she got mad and said fine. I walked away and laughed of how ridiculous she came off with the lies “I like you I’ll give you this deal! I will keep in touch with you, I’ll get you an hour half facial….blah blah.” I hate going to the mall to begin with and this disgraceful girl ruined by experience at the mall. Don’t buy a product that supports this type of harassment .

  43. I just was bullied today. I too felt they showed you a fake website with super high prices just to show you that you were getting a good deal. I was digusted with the fake comments like…you so cute, I like you so…I went to walk away three times and each time he went lower. I felt like I was buying a used car. I was really annoyed at his comment that if I buy anything it should be for my fine line and wrinkles..o, really,,,now I really don’t want to buy something from someone who just insulted me. However, I almost fell for it with the last bargain price, but I wanted to go online and check the product reviews. When I did get home I looked at my treated eye and wrist where the he tested the skin peel and I did not notice any difference. I don’t know why malls allow people like this in.

  44. Myriam on said:

    Got conned too yesterday at Aventura mall in Miami for a mask at $200 and had a hunch it was a ripoff, so I went online to find all these comments. I am thinking about going back and following the south African lady’s advice to take them up on the free facial. The sales guy the worked on me, Israeli, used all the tricks found on this site: the damaged box, the free gift, the REAL need for me to eliminate the deep lines on my face, etc. if I do go back, I’ll take my iPad along and share some reading material on this site with them

  45. jvalencia on said:

    Whoooa tnx for the free wifi here @ the mall in antipolo coz i read ur article after they done so many demo on there product and made me think that i really need to invest to make my face sooo good coz they promise its really good and they have money back guarantee but something make me think why do they have to be accompany me for withdrawing my cash to the atm machine. I was walking and thinking if I shoruld buy it or what and it came to my mine to open up my phone and search orogold and pretty good connection i open ur article and made me decide to go to their stall and show them this article and i told them i must study first before i buy they pretend they did not know this and i must read only to dewebsite but as i was walking

  46. My friend and I were at the Century City Mall today and walked by the Orogold store. The “manager” was handing out samples of moisturizer and coaxed us inside to show us their deep peeling product since she commented that my friend had rosacea and would benefit. She put the peeler on our forearms and we were amazed that the skin was rubbing off. She also claimed that their products contained real gold and gold is the only product in the world that no one can be allergic to, so it is really good for sensitive skin. She bad mouthed other high end brands (i.e., Shisheido) while claiming their brand was very high quality. She then applied moisturizer to my friend’s forearm. Once she told us the price for both the moisturizer and peel ($250), we decided not to buy it. She then said to my colleague, “you need this product since you have dry, sensitive skin and rosacea. If you had to choose between the peel and the moisturizer, which one would you buy?” At this point, she and I were not going to buy either product. When the salewoman realized this, she said since she is the manager, she will sell both for $150 total because “you really need it and I want you to be a return customer.” Well, my friend ended up buying the two items for $150 (not including tax), and I was stupid enough to think that it was a good deal. I bought only the peel for $76 (includes tax) and opted out of the moisturizer since I am happy with the one I use.
    I never heard of Orogold before today and feel so stupid for falling for their high sales tactics after finding this site! I now feel “lucky” that I didn’t spend too much money, and the saleswoman threw in a full size soap as well as a hand moisturizer for “free.” I’ll use the products I have, but now will not go back to buy anything else. If I were with my husband, he would not let me buy this! He is very good at resisting sales people.

    • Hi EJ,

      So like everyone else, I fell for the hard sell, but it sounds like getting a refund is next to impossible.

      From all the emails, it is unclear about the product. Did it work for you? I bought it because I was trying to find a beauti line without Parabens, but now am afraid to try it.

      As far as I know, I am not allergic to anything, but would like to think the product would work.



  47. I just had the exact same experience at the Oro Gold store in the Paris Casino in Las Vegas yesterday. I didn’t end up buying anything thank God. The sales people were like monsters though, and I found myself sitting in their chair within seconds of being greeted. So stupid!! I was drawn in by the ad, “perfumes of Paris”, which is what I expected to see and not the same perfumes you can buy at CVS and Macy’s. Have never heard of Oro Gold in my life, and she had quite a handful of responses when I was hesitating about making such a large commitment (I have a voucher for you but I have to check”, “oh you’re a local, I will give you a discount”, or “buy this and I will throw in the eye cream for free”. So, after I left with the words “I would never buy something so expensive without researching it first”, I bet she knew I wasn’t coming back. I despise places like that, they ought to be quite ashamed.

  48. I bought 6 products for roughly the same prices as you guys and I must say this is unbelievable..

    And I’m not refering to the products, but to you guys….
    I read so many messages saying “I got scammed!”…
    It’s your card and your money, if you choose to spend it, it’s only because you’re liking the product, let the salesmen talk the talk and you fix your eyes on what you need… nothing more and nothing less, every salesmen is grotesque and aggressive… that’s their livelyhood! I know because I’ve been one before…

    I know it sucks to pay more on a product rather than less but at the end of the day it’s only our fault.
    And though I’m not happy for paying so much, I’m happy with the outcome, I do like my appearence and it is important for me to treat my skin as best as possible therefor next time I’ll buy it cheaper via internet but if it wasn’t for that young man I wouldn’t know this amazing product.

    • Jordan on said:

      Thank you for finally telling these people what they need to hear. Oro gold products are great you just have to be smarter than the salesman. I’ve been in the car business all my life, sales is how the world goes round. Don’t blame them for not getting the better deal, you should have haggled more. So to all the complainers grow a set and move on. They’re great products just learn how to haggle better next time or take someone in who knows how if you don’t.

  49. Crystal on said:

    Was anyone else told that Jennifer Aniston uses their $3000 mask? Or that the products were featured on Oprah? Can’t find anything online to back this up, not even the Press section on their website.

  50. Regina on said:

    Wow I am glad I am reading this blog realizing I outsmarted these clowns. I went to a big fancy mall Down Town Chicago today to exchange something at AX and these two very good looking young men pulled me almost literally grabbed me and set me in the chair. The entire time they were flirty, cute, and funny. I was listening to their speech about the product but would not let them put it on my face. I said I have bad allergies and I do not try any products on my face. So they put it on my hand and trying to show me how different it looks. The funny thing is I kept saying that I don’t see any difference at all. So one of them convinced me to try the eye cream so I said ok but if I end up with allergies I am going after them. He still tried it than he kept telling me how my wrinkles were all gone. I looked in the mirror and said “nope they are still there and are very little and they don’t bother me.” H was getting pretty annoyed with me but was not rude at all. He kept trying to sell the product to me but I kept telling him that I need to get some samples and I have to try it at home before I would consider buying anything. We didn’t even talk about a price. He told me there was sales going on and I said “so what I cannot buy it anyways.” Needless to say I left that place with one little sample to try and no purchase was made. Although they were not rude and super cute I find this business unprofessional. I even asked if this company hires hot boys just to sell the product. I am glad I didn’t even consider buying anything now seeing these comments. Sorry to all of those women that gut screwed by this company. I think women need to be more assertive and push back at those sales people. Someone has to do something about this company, how is it allowed for them to rip people off? I have never seen a product that costs that much money and even if they did give me the price I would never buy it. So sorry to those of you who got taken by these idiots?

  51. Barbara H. on said:

    I had the same experience as many have reported above. I will spare the specifics but of course it involved spending too much money followed by shock when I found out there is a no refund policy. Due to another comment, I researched the legal requirement that stores post their return policies. It is the case in California that return policies must be clearly posted.
    If you live in California check out this website for more information:
    The store I went to in the Galleria Mall in Redondo Beach did have it posted but it was conveniently hidden behind a box of tissue and some hand sanitizer.

    I have written a letter to the manager of the mall explaining the situation. I know he cannot fix Oro Gold’s unfair policies but maybe he would like to know this store is causing longtime customers to reconsider shopping at the mall. I will also be informing the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Justice. I have a photo of the hidden return policy to share with them.

    I have written this post to encourage others to do the same. If you have already informed some outside entities, I would love to know how that played out. If you haven’t reported this company, I encourage you to do so. When we are at the ATM or out in an urban area we should be on guard for scams. When we are at the mall, we should be able to have confidence that our shopping experience will be fair and honest

  52. Yvonne on said:

    I was at the Paris hotel and casino in Las Vagas, and was offered a free sample and went in the store for a demo. I thought the eye cream and eye serum were $200.00 for both of them. He offer me free gifts. i noticed at the cash register he was charging me for them. when I look at the receipt he charge me $3000.00 for a peeling cream. I called and he said he met to charge me for a mask. They said if I returned the cream, mask and free products by mail they would refund the $300.00. I feel very foolish, and will never take a free sample again. I don’t trust them, but I’m going to mail the product back and hope for the best. I hope the eye cream work. I looked on the web and it seems like the prices are “all over the place” for these products.

  53. Yvonne on said:

    That was $300 for the cream. I had him remove one charge for a ‘free gift” but missed that one. The whole thing was very confusing. I’m usually not that stupid.

  54. Helena on said:

    For ladies in England, there are two avenues for action that I can think of: BBC Watchdog programme and Trading Standards. Worth a try. I have looked up Oro Gold’s parent company online and also found many other reviews – all negative. I feel quite strongly about this company and that many consumers seem to be drawn into spending monies they can ill afford.

  55. Catherine on said:

    I am soooo sorry this happened to you! Just today I went to Orogold because my friend had actually recommended it to me so I decided to go check it out. I asked for Avani Dead Sea Purifying Mud Soap and a purifying mud mask. When she ran the total up, she rang it up to around $140, I was extremely shocked because one I didn’t expect it to cost so much and secondly I didn’t have that amount of money on me! So when I told her that I couldn’t afford that, she somehow cut it down to around $55, thinking this was a good deal, I took it. After I left and thought more about it, I was thinking that it was too good to be true and read reviews online. When I found yours and several other saying how the sales people did this, I realized that this is how they manage to trap people into making purchases. Do you think that I should go for a refund? Or should I just use the products? They seem like they might actually work but they cost waaaayyyy too much.

  56. Эльвира on said:

    I feel soo bad, did the same mistake. Read all your notes and do not want to try this products at all. Will go back tomorrow to return it all,will see. Wish me good lack !

  57. Unbelievable! This happened to me today in London and I actually managed to escape without buying anything.

    What shocks me is how well trained they are, and how well they target people. I was walking from Selfridges to Covent Garden, so I had loads of bags with me, including Selfridges Food Hall. Obviously, the sales person chose me amongst others buy assuming I could afford thousands of pounds in skin care given I buy food in Selfridges.

    He gave me a sample and opened with a question: why do wear sunglasses?

    I replied: To avoid wrinkles.

    From this moment on, I practically had no alternative but to go in. As I enter he says I will be able to say goodbye to wrinkles. This was my first bad impression, because I don’t have any wrinkles, I simply wish to avoid them for as long as I can. And I did say to him: I haven’t even said hello to wrinkles how am I going to kiss them goodbye?

    He didn’t even pay attention and carried on. He applied there eye cream etc, and repeatedly said I needed a facial, and needed eye care. He insisted on the facial by repeating I had black spots.

    At this point I’m thinking this guy is both thick and rude. And then the prices are revealed at an unbelievable 700 pounds for 2 bottles of eye cream. I said: thank you, but I’m not comfortable spending that much on cosmetics today.

    He replies: oh, why didn’t you say money was the problem? I have a discount for you. I can help you, because you really need this eye cream!

    And I’m there flabbergasted as this man keeps telling me I look awful.

    He then presents the damaged box option from 300 pounds for 100 instead. I couldn’t believe it. I said: that’s an expensive box, no?

    Come on? 200 pounds discount for a damaged box? seriously… However, at this point he wouldn’t shut up for a second and offering me a free facial etc. My instinct was telling me all of it was super dodgy but the whole environment seems legitimate, luxury shop working in a prime location. I thought to myself: how can I be so mistrustful of others?

    Well, he gave me a way out when he said: what products do you use at the moment?

    I said I’m not sure someone else buys them for me as I’m not versed in cosmetics. He then very aggressively, pushing me back onto the chair asked: who buys them?

    And I get a bit confused with all of it but still replied: My personal shopper takes care of that.

    He carried on talking and giving me discounts. I was about to get a little rough as I didn’t want the products at that point. Initially I was tempted but as soon as he spoke of the prices I know wasn’t getting them right there and then. His persistency only made me want to get the hell out of there.

    Seeing no way out I called my personal shopper to ask her if she knew the brand as I was almost ready to spend some money just to be able to leave their shop. She had never heard of them, therefore, they can’t be very good at they do as she is amazingly well informed.

    I had to really put my foot down and say: If someone I pay for advice on what to purchase can not recommend me your brand I have to decline your offer, I said.

    He insisted, got more aggressive and started pointing out further problems with my appearance. I repeated: Listen, I have just paid for this call I made, do you understand that? I will get a bill for requesting advice on you brand, and I was told not to buy your product, I’m not stupid I can’t pay someone for their expertise and disregard their advice. I will not purchase anything today!

    At this point I was being relatively rude.

    The sales person changed attitude completely, no smile, nothing, he rudely opened the door and said nothing else.

    Shockingly they are operating in this fashion at such a well know location.

  58. I went shopping with my sister in the mall because we were buying clothes for the trip we were going on. This guy with a fancy accent asked us to come over and I have tried this before and knew it was a scam and said no but I thought it would be fun to check it out. After he washed our hands with the salt stuff he said it would be 200 dollars but he was going to lower the price because he was the owner. My sister said no until he added two free nail kits and extra salt. My sister and I split the price of 120 dollars and left. After I called my mom and told her and she was very angry telling me to go back and return it. So she met us and we asked for it to be returned an he said there were no refunds. My mom asked him if he told us this before we signed for it and he didn’t. He had a little hidden sign that no one could see. I was very stupid and I will never by from them again. As a 15 year old girl I shouldn’t be spending that much money anyway.

  59. same thing happen to me two days ago… but fortunately i didn’t buy anything…

  60. The True About Oro Gold (MAZAL ENTERPRISE) on said:

    ORO GOLD :


    • Savvy traveler on said:

      Hahaha that is amazing! I bet this stuff is made in China, not Italy. We could probably inquire with manufacturer, as to origin on label. I would love for everyone to see this, but, if not, maybe you and I should place a custom order and start our own company! I was tempted to send an email to China to inquire about the price, and fee for custom design and packaging. This is amazing. Westerners are so clueless! (Myself included). I got lured in to Oro Gold at Sheraton in Waikiki, by a very handsome young italian. He was hellbent on selling me several thousand dollars worth of this stuff. It was burning and irritating to my eyes and face, and I didn’t even have my wallet with me. Probably the only reason he let me go.

  61. I must say, that i love this product, the collagen mask and the eye serum i got were amazing
    Lets not forget, that all the markets full of rubish and scums
    They sell at least something amazing, and they make us get value for money…
    I wouldn’t surprise if this blog been written by la perire…

    Anyway i love it and i got it in london and i am going for facial next week… And i might get more things to try!

  62. I am literally sick to my stomach. I fell into the trap last week at our Baybrook Mall in League City TX. I have never blogged before, but since my experience last week and my HORRIBLE purchase, I haven’t been able to sleep and have been spending my nights trying to learn more about the product I was tricked into spending over $1,100 on! I was school shopping with my 14 and 5 year old and got called into the store. Actually thinking my kids would be a good “out” for me, I thought it safe. The sales lady was super friendly and started off with the eye cream and serum. AND MY KIDS LOVED HER so they were actaully on very good behavior. Well, my eyes are a concern for me, so I got the great sales pitch of regularly $298 but for me each for $149. Even though $300 was really a lot more than I would like to spend, I figured if it worked, I would be willing. But then I somehow got talked into th peel for $128. But after about 20 minutes of time with her I was safely checking out OR SO I THOUGHT! Once I was ready to walk out – she tells me the story of this guy only being here for a few days and to let him pamper me with a treatment. I made a point to tell her no thank you because I had really already spent over my limit. She persisted and I then said “ok, but I can not make any more purchases”. So this extremely nice guy puts a mask on my face and then after it is all done tells me the set of 4 items is $1,600! I almost feel out of my chair and told him that I do not have that kind of money. I literally can not tell you how pushy he became. I was so unomfortable and nervous I began to sweat. He then went on a big sales pitch about it and pulled out the ipad to show me the prices and then said $800. I still said no, I can’t. But he was literally right in front of me and I couldn’t get out of my chair and I just grew even more nervous. He then went on to tell me he would let me have 2 of the 4 items at his promotional price because he wanted me to be able to tell everyone how great it was and he would give it to me for $550. I caved!! By ths point I just wanted out of there. But in the end I have spent about $1,100 on my credit card and I am not exaggerating when I say I can’t sleep over this. I haven’t told my husband and am terrified of him finding out. We do not have the income that allows that kind of spending. I was hopeing to return it – but am actually even scared to face them again. And it doesn’t sound like they would even let me if I tried. And I surely do not want to ever go in to use my “free” facial – because I worry about how much more that will cost me. I can at least say that I like the eye creams – but not the overly priced thermal mask that I really feel like I almost had no choice but to buy it to get out of there.

  63. Jesminbonded on said:

    They have amazing prodact! The best in the market, my gf bought the prodact in amazon and I tried her prodact I’m 100% they fakes even the ingridiands are differents I got the prodacts made in Japan and they so good my younger sister doesn’t have acne anymore and I don’t have dark circles like I had I only spend 800$ there but it’s worth more then a bag or shoes in MK or LV come on so they really pushy with the sales but my friends that used to work in las Vegas in their stores, said people like you all always two face and lying, they comes in to take the simple without no one asking and I’ve seen it a lot when I came to visit them but when they asked to show something for the eyes everyone say “oh I have to go some meetings” and few hours walking in the malls, you all lairs, I don’t believe what you all write here my gf said once someone told her I can’t pay that I don’t have a job then after half hour she sow her in Louis viton store going out with 5 bags so you lying to the salesperson with some bullshit they lying to you

    • Your post made my head hurt! Why does it matter if people make excuses to get out of the store? You probably work for these low lives…

    • @jesminbonded, wow, lots of hate and anger here towards people who try to be polite about why they won’t buy something. It doesn’t matter what the excuse is – the fact is that they DON’T WANT IT, and are trying not to be rude or insulting to the salesperson. You really need to calm down. If I am in the mall, yes, I probably have something in mind. So if I go buy that particular item, and don’t get sucked into buying whst YOU are trying to push, that doesn’t make me a “liar”. It just makes me a shopper on a budget – how big of a budget is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!

      I almost got sucked in by an Oro Gold salesperson last night here at the Tysons Corner Plaza in McLean, Virginia – very pushy, very aggressive. But I refused to budge, kept looking at my watch, and told her repeatedly that I would not buy anything for my skin until I saw whether or not the stuff she had already slathered on would cause a reaction. I finally just got up and walked without looking back. There was just something “off” about the whole process, so I decided that self-preservation was more important than sitting politely. Boy am I glad I did. If this stuff really works, then buying it online for a more reasonable price is a way better money risk than getting harassed into a huge charge. I am very sorry for everyone who has been scammed here – the salespeople are counting on our manners to trap us, and that’s just despicable.

  64. My sister-in-law had the same problem with OroGold at the kiosk in our local mall. She went back on two different occasions. The second time she went back and forth with the sales representative for 45 minutes to try and return her product. He didn’t cave until she threatened that the next time they heard from her would be through a lawyer. She got her money back, but they were such a headache to deal with!

  65. So disagree… I bought the products in Las Vegas and checked them out and their products work well and it is up to us to do our homework. What ever happened to diligence on the consumers part? How many times do i walk past a fragrance counter in a department store and get accosted?

  66. Oro Gold products are made with colloidal gold. The sales pitch promoting the use of 24k gold in their products doesn’t mention that there is probably only a fraction of 1 cent of gold in the entire tube or jar – certainly not enough to justify the inflated prices. Colloidal gold used to be used to treat very severe rheumatoid arthritis in the past, but because of the possibility of serious side effects, it rarely is now. Long term use of colloidal gold can cause a condition called CHRYSIASIS, which, besides causing problems such as kidney failure, is famous for turning your skin blue, mauve, or grey! Use of colloidal silver causes a similar condition called argyria. While reported cases of chrysiasis are usually caused by colloidal gold being injected (for rheumatoid arthritis) or taken internally, medication and toxic substances can be absorbed by the skin (think of nicotine patches or other trans-dermal patches such as those for sea-sickness). While short-term use of Oro Gold products is unlikely to cause any problems, I would be very cautious about using them for any length of time. Next time you are grabbed by one of their snake oil salesmen, shout “Chrysiasis!!!” in their ear and walk on.

    • Anonymous on said:

      I think a skincare line called Onsen is also affiliated with Oro gold. They use the exact same slimy sales techniques and they all speak horrible english.

    • Hi Kat,

      Since it sounds like it will be impossible to return the products I bought, could the products cause problems if I use them and stop? I was originally attracted because they didn’t contain Parabens, but other than the gold are there other ingredients that I should be leary of?

      Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.



  67. omg i had the same experience on wednsday at the galleria i went shopping for some dresses and some lady stopped me at one of their stores and put some of the deep peeling in my hand along with a moisturizer and i said well it feels soft and she kept asking me do you like it? dont worry about the price . i told her i could not afford it because i was unemployed and she insisdted i trusted her to see what she could do. I never said i wanted to buy the product and she put the products in the bag… this store should be out of business

  68. Yeah at first I felt scammed but …. It works soooooooooooooooo good
    Glad he scammed me … My face looks flawless

  69. HEY EVERBODY !!! Just shut up and try the stuff first I think you’ll be impressed .. I found this website because I was trying to google how it works.. I’m so fascinated with it !!! My skin is noticeably different

  70. Hey Everyone,
    I read through your comments many atimes and thought it was about time I went into the store and saw for my self, so today I did !
    The store in B ond street was lovely,well presented.
    Outside stood a male and female meber of staff waiting to help you.
    As I got nearer to the door I was offered a sample and I took it.
    I kind of waited for these pushy people to do something, but nothing was happening. They kind of smiled and waited for me to say something. Cool !
    At this point I wanted to go into the store and look around, so it was me saying to them, can I come in or do I need a appointment? lol
    The lady was welcoming and kind. She offered me a seat as my friend whos alot older than me, got pampered.
    I declined the chair and looked around.
    Another lady walked past and asked if I was alright and was we togeather, I said yes. She smiled and walked away.
    I saw a georgous man working in the store who was to me behaving like a proffesional member of staff.
    Listening to my friends conversation, the lady did say they were celebrating ORO Golds Annerversery today so there will be suprises on the cost. My fiend listened to the lady and said she will take time to have a think about the products and will return another day.
    And we did, we left.
    I think you all need your own opinions and experiences as…

  71. They are a sick joke, preying on people like vultures, the people who work there have no morals, no ethics and no self respect. That is why they took the job in the first place, is fits the personality and outlook on life. Karma will work sooner rather than later on them

  72. what happened to you Mike?

  73. kristine on said:

    wow… oro is a scam? i just purchased almost $250. That was really a big money for me, since i am just a student.just hoping that i’d be happy with the result.

  74. i ve been bullied by the aggressive sales people yesterday at sandton shopping compex sandton, south africa. i made a deposit of $100 for sale of $800. promised to make the purchase today.thank you for your testimonies, i will go back now i asked for my deposit back,i hope i get it back as i ve not collected any product. it is not worth it based on the number of negative comments it sounds more of scam indeed

  75. I had a similar experience. I tried to return products within the 7 day return policy but they said they were purchased with “promotional points” so there was no way to return them.

    I think it is time to do a class action lawsuit.

    What do you all think?

  76. So I understand the aggressive nature of the sales people is not a thing we all want but how is the product? Does it work? I got a good deal for $48 and was wondering if it even works. My face did look better on the half she put it on and for $48 dollars can I go wrong?

    • Ashley, the main thing in this conversation is not so much how well the products actually work, as much as the extremely aggressive sales tactics and outrageous prices at the stores and kiosks. Online stores such as Amazon have these products for drastically lower prices – items they are pushing for $150-$1000 each are actually $25 and $30 items online. AND, they are not disclosing their shady “No Refund” behavior, which is an illegal sales practice.

  77. I live in Canada, and when I had a problem with a mall purchase of a flat iron for my hair a few years ago, I printed from the government website the understanding that a purchase could be returned up to 30 days after purchase. Granted, this is more of a guideline, and it is up to the company’s customer service dept to agree to it, but just the warning of contacting the BBB and Consumer’s Rights made the person return my money. Look into your own state/province’s consumers’ rights agencies. The mall offices usually cannot control the selling practices of their paid up tenants.
    Re Orogold: I just purchased $1,010 Can of the product in Dublin, Ireland the other day. Can it possibly be the same “cute guy with the heavy accent” at the San Fan store a few months ago and he is now in Dublin? Heavyhanded sales pitch, yes. Product felt good, yes. Offered and had free facial, yes. Bought more on the second visit, no. Big change in attitude of Izzy (the male clerk), yes. He was supposed to supply me with some fee spatulas for using with the peel, but that didn’t happen when I refused to buy another 800 euros of product. Luv the product so far, yes. It all goes back to “buyer beware” and we have to stop being so darn polite with pushy salespeople.

  78. Hi, i had a very similar expierence to all above. My husband and i went to the Sandton Mall a few days back and as we got out of the store this lady approached me and said come here, come try this. I was looking to change my skincare so told my hubby lets take a look. She quickly sat me down and started using a exfoliater on my hand. Then used a moisturiser. i was really taken aback at how the product worked. My husband was not looking very happy, she started telling me what products i needed but still not the price. She then pulls out a laminated board with creams ranging from a soap for R400.00 going to a moisturiser for R2000.00. When i asked her about a cleaner she said nothing then her friend jumped in and said well have this i will give it to you as a gift. When i read the lable it was an ordinary bar of lavender BODY soap andshe said it was a cleaner for my face. She give me 4 products worth R5 000.00. She said she would only charge R4 000.00. She would let us leave. Eventually we managed getting out. They were not impressed. BEWARE LADIES

  79. I was walking through Covent Garden this afternoon and one of the orogold shop staff stopped me on the other side of the road to the actual shop and gave me one of the small samples. She was very chatty but then so am I and I allowed myself to be encouraged into the shop to try a sample because I know that at the end of the day I’m just far too cynical to be persuded to buy anything I don’t want. She was Columbian and we had a lovely chat about English and UK visas and when to settle down etc. All the while she rubbed some cream onto the back of my hand and I noticed that it was taking off the top layer of skin. She then rubbed another cream onto the back of both hands and the cream on the one that had been exfoliated sank in a great deal better. Well it would wouldn’t it? I said how nice it was to meet her and if I decided when I got home that there was definitly a difference I’d come back to buy the product.
    Sitting here 5 hours later yes the back of my exfoliated hand is smoother and looks more moisturised but it would, wouldn’t it, the same as if you give any bit of your body a good scrub with a bit of old soap and a rough flannel it looks smoother and fresher. She had confidence but I have more, but if you don’t steer clear of this modern version of snake oil salesmen, they’ve been around since the dawn of time.

  80. I just went through similar stuff in Century City. The guy gave me samples and said you want some samples for your eyes? Of course! Why not?

    So I went in and the girl starts her sales pitch – “oh you scrub your face no?”
    Me – “nope not really, just clarisonic and cleanser”
    Girl – “oh yes but clarisonic not remive dead skin, I give you this scrub in your hand”
    Girl – “I put this on your eyes – big difference on your eyes”

    So she did the whole routine, I give you this free – blah blah and I told her I would need to sample the product for a couple of days before spending so much and she seemed appalled. I asked her for her card and she looked annoyed and says – well you’re walking out on your free gift ill have to give it to someone else. I told her I was ok with that, and that I only buy from companies who stand behind their products. It’s hard to get out of there because they throw all the tricks at you but think about why they wouldn’t stand behind their product?

  81. I was pulled in to an Orogold store by a sales associate today in San Francisco. I decided to let him do his sales pitch on me with the deep peel, he then did the under eye gel on me and asked me to look at the difference, of which I did not see one. He continued to tell me that He noticed a difference and got fairly argumentative when I told him the only difference I saw was now my make up is removed from under one eye, he sighed and did the other. Then he pitched to me some thing with Diamond in it, And i noticed it was silver, so i asked him if the green bottled products had emerald, and the pink had rubys and so forth, just to throw in a little humor, he did no appreciate it and thats when i left. Also I’m always very wary of those people who practically chase you down the mall corridors to try to get you to try their product. On a side note, as my sales associate was giving my demo, another girl was working the door, and she tried to give someone a sample and they said no thank you, and she yelled (literally yelled) to them “but its for your face, dont you want a better looking face!?” REALLY??? maybe its a scam maybe its not, but if you want to sell product, don’t bully, and DON’T argue with the customer! thats a sure way to not sell anything!

  82. Ok so lots of negative comments etc..
    well we got suckered in to the tune of $1200 including davinci mineral makeup., that was a year ago, i brought from a centre kiosk at xmas time the three little round tubs and a spray bottle with floating bit of gold? anyway my missus thought it was a rip but hey merry xmas. so anyway a year later we ran out and bought new makeup etc.. since using it has had massive breakout with any other product, her skin was perfect for the entire time using orogold. so for us the stuff works and works well., obviously the price is a rip if the same stuff is on amazon at $30 but in australia we cannot receive amazon products. ATLEAST IT WORKS and worked well.. i woulod probably pay the $1200 again for the creams and spray and mineral makeup,. Kimmy got a year out of them + and always looked great..
    Question now is “is the stuff on amazon the same as the store fronts?” If so how do i get some to OZ?
    Trent Love
    Western Australia
    so you guys know we are not a scam reply

  83. Thank you so much for this post. I was cornered and bullied by an Orogold sales person today but managed to walk away with out buying anything. They did the whole “special price for only you” thing when I said it was too expensive. Then they tried throwing in eyeshadows etc. and said they swore with their heart that it is a miricle product. At that point I decided to run and I’m so glad I did.

  84. Karen Stauss on said:

    We have two Oro Gold stores in two different local malls. I have never set foot inside and never understood how they have stayed in business. I am extremely savvy about skincare and cosmetics and can be quite a “witch-with-a-B” if you mess with me. Based on what I’ve read in this post and especially in these comments I am rather tempted to go in and have them try this crap. What buzzards!

  85. Shakirah Radzali on said:

    After reading your negative comments about orogold, I am glad I didnt buy their voucher. In Dublin at the moment, they are offering 35 euros for a 45 minute facial, which is worth 100 euros. Seems like a pretty good deal. I checked out their website too, the products are way too expensive!http://www.orogoldcosmetics.ie/
    I would be very cautious about getting that facial, now that Ive read all the negative comments. God knows what I might get tricked into buying during that facial. Thank you guys! Will alert my friends as well..
    oh, btw, I checked the mask at amazon.com, which only costs 4.95 usd, and on their website, it costs 1000 euros! what a rip off!!!

  86. They have Orogold branch here in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but me and my friend never encountered a problem or any scam as what you stated in ur first story Maam Beauty. Anyway, this is middle east if they will give a problem to the customers esp Arabs here they will put in jail or deportation. KITTY LEE

  87. To all you people who have been in to the store because your to nice for your own good. Its a shame you didnt like the products as the famous footballer just spent £10.000 pounds in the london store this christmas.
    Now, i would love to know which georgous sales person is on the biggest high of there life?
    All i can say is….six chickens and a donkey!!! xxx

  88. I just got done too. I’m feeling slightly lucky having read the above as I *only* spent £100 on a pot of exfoliator and a pot of day cream. Ridiculous! I’m normally a £5 skin care kind of girl, and my skin isn’t fantastic and the test looked good, and I thought what the hell. But I’m so furious, I read the “no returns” bit on the receipt only after telling some friends that I regretted buying it and they asked why I don’t return it. I felt like me and the sales girl had hit it off, she was telling me all about her side line in making leather costumes for African dancers and theatre shows, and I thought she seemed really cool. She gave me her mobile number and I’m tempted to call her, but I know I’ll just get angry and have nothing to show for it. It might not even be a real number! And she kept saying how my skin is oily and dry so I need to use proper creams – and she made me promise I’d use it religiously and seemed to genuinely care. Oh I feel so stupid! And I actually tried to Google Oro Gold on my phone in the shop but dropped my phone in the process which is now broken too. I’m an idiot! Argh! I never go for those people that stopped me but I had an hour to kill and thought I’d go for it. So now my question is – should I even use this stuff or just throw it away? All the stuff I can find online is about how aggressive the selling is (and a rip off) nothing about whether once you’ve made the mistake of buying it there is any point in using it or not. Any advice?

  89. sarah woo on said:

    I wonder if there are so many complaints about oro Gold cosmetics
    why are they still in business? and if the product is a scam why are the very first paragraphs stating that the product works, regardless of the tactics, every man and woman has the right to say no. your hard earned money is your own. I do believe that sales associate of any type, cell phone stores, clothing stores, can be pushy . if it is the type of manner you we’re conducted in then let that be the case. and file a complaint but the product clearly will sale it self. I believe the store would not have so many locations if the product was harmful or faulty. that would cause a huge law suit with in the mall it self and whom ever let the business stay open and allow the owners to continue to sale there faulty product in there malls and city. I love to shop and Im easily bribed ,from bake sale cookies , the innocent children wanting you buy a box of cookies , to me that’s just wrong who can say no to a child? or the people who stand in food courts shoving samples your way as you walk by, or even clothing stores where as soon as you walk in your being hounded by sales associates asking if you need help. when clearly you just walked in . I don’t disagree with some of your comments but Im puzzled by so many people saying they we’re bullied into buying something. I don’t know about you but i always check my receipt before i walk out of a mall store or grocery store. and if im buying something over hundred dollars, I most certainly double check with a friend or read labels regardless what the sales associate says, there isn’t a scam going on and if there was it wouldn’t be going on this long inside local malls especially in the USA. I hate think so anyways, because we certainly have tones of “bath and body works” or “Victoria secrets” stores and there body lotions and sprays wear off or break you out. or at lease for me they do, but there still in business over years and years now . we buy over price things all the time from food, to clothing, to cosmetics at a mac store. over priced movie tickets and the movie turns out to be unsatisfying. but we still buy the over priced over buttered popcorn and soda. after all it is your hard earned money.

  90. Sarah, Your comment is very interesting, As you ask why people feel they are getting bullied into the store.

    Well I think, like most people, they walk past attractive shops wishing they could buy the products in the window.You look, think, then continue to walk past. Lot of us may start remembering bills we have to pay or wouldn’t it be nice just to have that something,but just may not want to stop at buying one product.

    Well my theory is.. Oro Gold are not stupid!
    Just like Big brand shops who want to sell perfume or make up or hair products, they need the customers to continue the business. This all makes sense so far.

    So.. iNSTEAD of putting employees in the store cleaning mirrors a hundred times,they promote there products to the public right outside the door.
    Lets face it, if we were all rich people like the footballer whose spent thousands on the product this month, we wouldnt think twice about any of it.
    Cabs can cost at least £50 to £100 pounds, but no one asks for a refund there, do they.

    I DON’T have much money a tall and I walked through a shopping mall and to be honest I love the thrill of there hard work trying to sell.
    Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no.
    I have the biggest heart going, but if i really don’t want something, no one can bully you into spending unless you are in two minds about buying.

    Everyone learns how to handle there money. If you are unsure about paying by credit card, use cash.
    If you are not certain about a product, use the samples first.

    I paid a lot of money for a pink curler once. It was from a kiosk. I new I was gonna get talked at,questioned and offered a seat.But you know what? It made my day and touched my life to, cause Ill never forget the smile, the laugh the yap or the face.
    I paid for the moment, not the product. So i still to this day read peoples review an wonder why they don’t realize no one bully’s you or steals your purse or locks you in the shops.

    If you really want it…buy it
    IF not, don’t!
    Im tempted to ask for a job…lol
    Sorry Guys! Don’t be too upset, the creams really work on contactable skin, especially Cleapatia! Shame she can’t comment!

    • i have a question, was your pink curler a “her styler”? if it was, believe it or not, this company is connected with that one I discovered via legal papers online for trademark infringement (for their vino vera business)

  91. I’ve got the same experience at The Marina Bay Sands Shoppes,Singapore.The salesperson is very very very pushy.I couldn’t get out of the store until i bought their product.I spent $550 for the stretching mask and he gave the 24k gold peeling for free,which made me wonder if he said that their products are high end products and are very expensive how could he gave it to me for free?Later he insisted that i should buy the eye serum and that he would give me the eye cream for free,but i didn’t buy it.Then i checked about orogold online and i found lots of negative comments about them.I just hope that my$550 worth it and the products really work.

  92. when i went to the mall and past their stand with my friend. This girl forced her to try a sample and made her nails really shiny and cream that peeled her skin and made it really soft! As i was waiting one of the guys from the stand came over (im 15 he was around 20) he was watching me, so he came over and said “you look bored” then walked to the other guy to do something on the computer. So, he came back up behind me and said “what you got there?” i was holding a victorias secret bag with a bra, underwear, and sweater. And another bag from forever 21. i asked him “The forever 21 bag?” he said “no, the victorias secret one” smiling creepily. and i said “oh, i got a sweater” and he said “can i see it? i said “okay, hold my other bag” (idk why i showed him it) hes like “it would look good on you, can i feel it?” i said okay and let him. hes like “its very soft” “did you get anything else too?” and kept smiling. He gave me the sweater and other bag back. “No” i told him. My friend was ready to go when the girl was done talking to her. They all had accents, the girl sounded like she was from iraq, the guys sounded like they were from russia or europe. The guy that was talking to me wasnt even trying to convince me to buy something just being creepy and wanting to see my underwear i guess… lol but really nice products they had! c:

  93. oro gold is the best creams u can find in the market .
    and who said any other story , is just to destroy oro gold image.
    oro gold is international company .
    if any customer have any problem let him or her complain the the people who can work on solve there issue

  94. They have Orogold branch here in dubai , Abu Dhabi, ajman, shj but i never encountered a problem or any scam as what you stated in ur first story Maam Beauty. Anyway, this is middle east if they will give a problem to the customers esp Arabs here they will put in jail or deportation. KITTY LEE

    oro gold is the best products
    and let u try it and show u the effect before u buy any product

  95. Anyone used this product?

  96. Jennifer on said:

    Honestly, I have no idea why people cannot remain objective or unbiased when it comes to reviewing products they use. Sure some people may have had some bad experience with the sales staff and disagree with the so-called ‘unethical’ methods of hard selling, but that’s what sales people do. They have to sell. Don’t place the blame on a person who’s trying to do their job when you can’t control what you spend your money on.

    I experienced the same sales tactic – was given a free sample then followed the sales person into the shop on my own will. I had the time and was looking for a set of different cosmetics products that would help my dry skin so I decided to give them some of my time.

    I personally thought that the service made me feel very important as they offered me drinks and made sure I felt comfortable. I haven’t yet been to a store that offered me such good service, besides restaurants and that’s only when I order the food and drinks! They were able to provide a detailed and thorough explanation of the ingredients inside the products and what they would do for my skin. I was skeptical the first time so I bought the day cream from them to try. It did wonders for my skin and kept my face moisturized throughout the day (it can get really dry especially in my country where it’s constantly dry and cold). I really appreciated how they took the time to serve me, just one of their customers, knowing that there was no guarantee that I would buy anything from them. I was so happy with the wonders the cream was doing for the dryness of my face, I went back and bought the collagen and seaweed cream as well.

    Also, if you know your skin is sensitive then I would advise against buying random products before you consult a dermatologist or someone with more knowledge in the area.

    Furthermore, I personally would avoid buying personal hygiene products from websites such as EBay because anyone can sell things online, regardless of whether they are knockoffs, pirated or stolen. If I was buying something for my face to use in the long term, I would make sure I buy the authentic version.

  97. Like the majority of orogold “fans” who voiced their bitter concerns against the company, i must say, i too was somehow drawn into the store on Bond Street. The saleslady was extremely persuasive and lied to me that when buying the 24k gold deep peeler it costs £300 but now it was on sale for £49 and advised me it was cost price. After that, she got chatting with me and asked me personal questions about me life, looked through all my shopping bags etc.etc (part of the expertise at the job i guess) and added that she’ll give me a free steam and facial for 30 minutes. When i told her i want to see the spa she told me it is currently locked – i would not be one bit surprised if i find out there is no spa at all!!!She was being so pursuasive and the deal seemed like a one off grab, i decided to purchase the product. When it came to paying for the item she told me it is £50 (!when would i reliable company do that?!). when i reminded her that she first said £49, she said, alright, it is £49.99 and do you wnat 1 penny change? – The company is clearly not to be trusted for their word at all. When i arrived home i excitedly used the product but could not see a dot of a differnece on my skin. Soon after that i found this website full with complaints and criticism!!! The next week i was walking down Bond Street again, she was outside once more and said a friendly hello and asked me how my cream is helping. I was raging and told her there are such bad reviews about orogold on the internet….she laughed it all off and couldn’t care on bit!!I honestly can not understand how such a dishonest, fraudalant company is still in business – can an official complaint not be filed agianst orogold?

  98. im guessing you could,but it is hard to complain about sales people trying to sell products from a building in a shop.
    what would you complain about???
    would you say…A store selling creams offered me a sale, a big sale, or would you say… The store sold me creams which I took home,used my fingers in the pot, didnt think it worked on my skin, so I want my money back! hmmm…..
    How could you complain about a sales person being nice?
    “He looked into my eyes as he said” Do you want to see something crazy” ?
    The company are doing there job, thats all.

  99. I forgot to say, Ive had no problems using the intensive eye formula cream which does wonders as i spend alot of my time out doors feeding chickens. I made the mistake of buying the 15ml which I used quite quickly. Now I invest in a larger bottle.
    Most of the peeling products are quite addictive. when you start using them ,you wont want to be with it. Its a bit like a man, you fall in love, then you find you cant do with out him.
    The Deep peeling is the best on your face.
    If you suffer with dry skin, then I would say try the intense moisture cream. Your sure to see a glow,it soaks into the skin like butter in

  100. Omg, I was just at the mall recently and this guy dragged me over to try to sell me Oro Gold Products at his kiosk! He also did the thing where he checked the website and showed that he’ll give me the product for less, about $48 for both the body scrub and the body cream. I tried to get away as to not waste anymore of his time by saying that I don’t really need all that and he kept pushing it and so I mentioned that I usually use facial lotions. But then he started going on about how my skin might be slightly dry here or have slight acne there (which were both total lies as my skin is pretty clear already and I don’t have dry skin) and that ticked me off.

    Eventually I told him I had “sensitive skin” and I would like to research more so I know the product better before buying. I’m a pretty hard core woman where no matter how much time a salesperson may aggressively spend on me, if I don’t like the product or don’t need the product, my money will stay in my iron fist.

    I’m pretty proud of myself for not falling into the ‘guilt trip purchase’ because hey, I was showing that I wasn’t interested at the beginning but he kept pushing it so I let him entertain me.

    I’m sorry that you were pushed into buying all those products. That’s so much money! I hope you at least got something out of what you bought…

    I think that I’ll use this technique with pushy salespeople:

    1.) I’ll tell them immediately that I’m in a rush to meet someone and politely decline.

    2.) If I’m somehow dragged to their territory, I’ll tell them immediately that I’m allergic to whatever product they’re selling or if it’s some other appliance, tell them that I own at least three or more.

    3.) Just don’t make ANY eye contact from the very beginning and walk quickly away and wave no thanks if they try talking to me.

  101. I feel like such an idiot- just got back from the mall after being bullied by a guy named “OR” into buying products after i said 5 times i was not buying anything. now after research i regret giving into my purchase.

  102. I’ve just received my online order and i must say, again Im a very happy customer again.
    I’ve never had a problem so far.
    I’ve enjoyed the products and feel great afterwards.
    Don’t feel bad as to how much you’ve got talked into buying, just make the most of the cosmetics you have. x

  103. My recommendation is DON’T buy this product.
    My friend and I were recently was in Las Vegas and was approached by a sales person from Oro Gold outside one of their stores. I tried their eye cream and moisturizer. The sales person told me that you only use this product once a week because it was so good. He was telling us the entire time how great these products were and that it was cost effective to purchase these products since you only had to use them once a week. I don’t know of ANY eye cream that you would use only once a week. He told us the product would last for 2 years. When we questioned him about the product going bad – he avoided the question. After we tried the products he told us the price. First it was the 2 of the products for $249 then he threw in, as a gift, 3 other products. When I asked to about the price again, he told me, no it was $249 for each product. When I told him I couldn’t afford that, he quickly took $150. off the price. This was a red light for us.
    Then he began really pressuring us to purchase the products. When we told him we had to think about it, he got really mad and said I can’t believe you’re not going to buy this product when you know it works. He turned into a mean person and pressuring us to purchase the products.
    Later in the day, our eyes started to burn (like when suntan lotion gets in your eyes). The burning stopped in my friends eye but my eyes, especially the lids(where he applied the product) swelled up for 3 days. My eyes were tearing so bad and my eyes were red.
    We did so research on this product/company and found out that on their receipt it says All Sales Final. That is terrible a company doesn’t stand behind its product! Beware!!
    I am so thankful I didn’t purchase this product.

  104. sorry to read about the above, but it is a known thing that there are copies of products that reach the wrong hands
    it sounds to me either your skin is too sensitive and has reacted to what the man applied or something was put on your face that was not oro gold product.
    my friends love the products but sadly i can afford as much as them, so have to wait to pay for the peel!
    Lucky for me and others, we haven’t had a problem x

  105. I was also scammed out of a lot of money I am still paying it off after all this time. This money spent on the biggest rubbish product you can find. It is such a shame that so many people get caught in the same scam. OROGOLD should not be allowed to scam innocent people….

  106. I was lured into the shop on Bond St. by a free sample like many others and a salesperson wearing a fake-branded “expensive” watch tried selling me different products at large discounts. Fortunately, I never intended to buy anything (I just wanted the sample!) and after trying on different creams on my hands and the nail buffers, I told him I have no money and asked for a brochure so I could show it to my “girlfriend” first. That seemed to work as he reluctantly gave up.
    The stuff he tried on me did make my skin better (I always had terrible skin), but being a guy I wasn’t convinced I needed it. The nail buffers which I’ve never encountered in the past seemed miraculous to me and almost made me buy it as it was relatively inexpensive compared to the “gold-filled” products.
    In all, I think the products do have some beneficial effect, but just grossly overpriced. However, the fact that they orally guaranteed a refund and denying it after needs to be legally addressed.

  107. Sussie on said:

    I bought my products in London and everything I choose has worked wonders.
    I love the products, they are lovely on my skin
    Thank you! x

  108. Not to sure why it matters to some people if a sales person has a fake watch on or if they are very lucky to be rich enough to have a thousand pound watch on.Cant image they would need to work atall if they did!
    I WASNT lured in to the store on Bond street, but I was walking by and offered a sample.
    When I went in I was spoilt with pampered products. When I decided to buy the peel I asked if they give a seven day return and they were fine about it.
    I don’t have any need to return my shopping so when I need to buy some more, i will.

  109. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because they said I could return the eye product, but now say they don’t take returns. They are deceptive and crooked just to sell their product.

  110. I want to also alert your readers to the “sister” company of Oro Gold Cosmetics, Vine Vera skin care. I just experienced a very similar experience to the Oro Gold one, came home did my online research and realize that I’ve been pretty much duped (for only $163 thankfully). I will use this peeling gel and pretend it’s worth the money :-). Just want to let your readers know they have more than one game in town. Whilst in the store, she mentioned Oro Gold Cosmetics and she was going to have the guy come over to help her with the problem she was having with the cash register…. long story, i won’t bore you (i did write a yelp review though). I have decided to call the mall and alert them to this and tell them i’m going to report it to the police if they don’t demand that those tenants vacate the premises (don’t know successful I’ll be, but you should feel like you at least have the mall’s guarantee that there aren’t scammers there!)

  111. I wouldn’t say they are crooks as I’ve never had a problem with the company.
    I like the products I buy.
    London store are very good at keeping a customer happy.
    They have allot of respect and treat you well especially if you stay a loyal customer.
    Not sure why you couldn’t return your item as many products have been exchanged and returned in the past!

    • I wish they were like that with me. My eyes are way too sensitive for the eye serum and eye solution and I didn’t see any positive difference around my eyes. I called them and they said I could exchange it for their other line for sensitive people and come in for a free facial. I was thinking, oh they are so nice I can’t wait, but when I got there they said they didn’t have the other product, then convinced me that if I kept using the current product it would work and my eyes would get used to it. I’m stupid, so I agreed, then they gave me a free facial and tried to sell me even more product, over $2,000 worth, which I declined and the guy wasn’t happy about that. I couldn’t stand them at this point, but was willing to give the product a chance. Long story short, after the 30 day mark I called because the product does not work for me and they told me to call customer service for the refund. I did and they told me that they don’t take it back after 30 days, this is why I think they are sneaky and crooked. If they truely don’t take anything back after 30 days and the store I bought it from knows that, they wanted me to keep the product for over 30 days, so I can’t return it. Anyway again, I can’t stand them, so I filed my complaint with the BBB. If anything it will go on record so other people don’t waste their money. I’m glad that it’s working for you though :)

  112. Im reading through the posts that have been placed, some bad some good.
    But its mind boggling how Donna has posted a comment saying shes been in the store,bought some eye cream and now wants to give it back.
    I’m trying to picture what happened, because shes gone into the shop to maybe look and more than likely has been shown demonstrations of products. Or maybe testers. Shes actually said “yes” she wants the eye cream, so I cant imagine many people not trying the tester first and then decided she wants to bring it back to the store.
    why would a store want a cream back?
    and why would Donna use the sample or even think of returning the product if shes been in the shop and had the tester?

    I have no idea why anyone would bye it without trying it first and then wait until they get home to change there mind!!

  113. Hi,

    As it seems unlikely I can return the products I bought, does anyone have any info on whether the products are safe or not? I originally bought them because of the sales pitch but also because my current products have Parabens and I was looking for something without it.

    Are there dangerous ingredients in the OroGold, too?

    I would really appreciate any info I could get.


  114. michelle on said:

    I don’t think anyone can tell you what cosmetics are going to work for your skin, as everyone is an individual.
    what works for me may not work for another.
    some products I buy work wonders on my skin but isn’t as effective on my friends skin and vice verier.
    people should always use a sample first and see whats the best choice for them.
    its a shame that comments are made about a product that wont benefit that person, but is irreplaceable to someone else.
    The stores in London are really nice and spent time on you and your skin. They help you decide whats best for you.
    Maybe you should go and get pampered one morning and see for yourself.
    I personally love OroGold so your not going to hear any bad press from me as I wouldn’t use anything else!
    Good luck with your choices and remember once you’ve found what works for you, you won’t be without it x

  115. today i came across Orogold in south molton st and was persuaded into buying their products for 299 pounds, as soon as i left the store i began to worry about my choice. Now it ends up that this company is questionable. Well, i am chinese student studying in London and I have very bad face skin, now my top concern is whether their products are safe to use?

    p.s. I always feel safe about buying products in countries like UK and US, because they do seem to have well customer protective institutions, but after reading all your comments here, that faith has gone. I feel so bad now.

  116. Defa,don,t feel bad!!!

    Why would you feel bad?
    You clearly was happy to shop in OroGold as you choose £299 pounds spent on lovely products.
    Most people who buy good things don’t bother writing reviews and your right, the UK and USA are good countries to buy from.
    you shouldn’t loose faith just because of some of there comments.
    People who have commented haven’t said the cosmetics do not work at all.
    comments I’ve read are both good as well as complaints about taking products home and then wanting to bring them back.
    you have a sight here that is global,think of all the OROGOLD stores opening up all over the world, as well as where they are now.
    Every sight is situated in expensive locations, Why doubt them because of hear say!!

  117. All persons that have his/her point of view regarding wether or not cosmetics work the correct comparison is with others (everything on jcpenny Macy’s etc.) some work better for others… I don’t see any one person that has used a scrub that they bought from cvs or rite aid some pharmacy and complain that it’s not working or asking for a refund. Why because when you enter to buy your eye cream serum thermal masks its your choice. You decide for your self and each one of you bored people that are complaining probably have a min.of 3 different company brands sitting at your home that you don’t even use and say its bad….. You

  118. Miss Bored on said:

    yes,we all have our point of view.
    yes your right, we all should look around our home at all the cosmetics that should have gone out of the window after a week they were bought.
    And No.. I wouldn’t throw my Orogold scrub out to anyone, but would throw out other useless items.
    I must say, I do agree with Mr Grumpy’s comment.No one really takes notice of certain items they buy and are not happy with after a period of time.
    And yes it is every ones choice at the time of purchase.
    You never finished your sentence…. Miss bored wants to know what else you had to say…

  119. i love the product but its way out of my price range could you post a link of where you saw the product so cheap! thanks :)

  120. wow! im so sorry about how you guys were treated that sounds awful! i went in there just yesterday, i was with my boyfriend in the mall (im 17) sac, mall, and i never ever stop for the sample people or the hair people but it looked really nice so i stopped, the ladie gave me a sample well more like 3.. and offerd to try somthing on my hand the peeling exfuliator? i think it is and after wards put the moisture creme on my hand it felt amazing!!!! i wanted it so bad!
    she said it was $5,000 dollers! and i tured pail … then she started giggling and siad im joking its only $160 and in my mind i thought only!? thats still way out of my range… she said to me the only reason your not getting it is because of the price right? and i said yes… then she said we have a special 24 hour deal going on if you buy the peel ill give you the creme for free! and i was tempted but i didnt have that kinda money on me.. she told me i had beautiful skin which was nice and i do i have never had a blemmish in my life! she gave me her card and told me to call her whenever i want she also gave me 2 mini glass conainers with day and night creme that i looked up online is worth like $40! she said she was only sapposed to give it away with large purchases but she said she new i really wanted it :) so i deserved it :) i loved my experiance and cant wait till i have money to buy some :) :) BUT IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN GET IT CHEAPER PLEASE! TELL ME THANKS :)

  121. Please write to your State Attorney General

    If you’re in California Write to:
    Office of the Attorney General
    1300 “I” Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814-2919
    Phone: (916) 445-9555

    I’m in San Diego, I wrote to my local office
    Office of the Attorney General
    110 West “A” Street, Suite 1100
    San Diego, CA 92101-3702
    Phone: (619) 645-2001

  122. I live on Maui, Hawaii. Oro gold just recently opened a store in a high rent location on Front Street, Lahaina, in the midst of all the art galleries,our major tourist shopping area. The salesgirl who approached me was Israeli. She told me they also have stores on the island of Oahu. I’m a surfer dude with disposable income and use some high end skin care products to rejuvenate my skin due to all the sun exposure. i asked for a brochure, took it home and did some research. I’m glad i saw these comments so i can warn all the locals here about oro gold’s sales tactics.I feel sorry for unsuspecting tourists who will fall for their scams. tourism is important to Maui and we dont need this type of rip-off here. Im hoping the truth about this company spreads quickly enough to get rid of them. Mahalo!

  123. Maria on said:

    I encountered Oro Gold yesterday in Bond Street. There was a crowd of people handing out leaflets outside the shop. I was trying to walk past and refused the handout when the guy distributing leaflets put himself in front of me and said “can I ask you a question?” I snapped back that I was in a hurry, immediately felt guilty. I was told that I looked tired and they would give me a product sample. I waited but was told to “follow him” I was aware of being rude and so went into the shop (like the fly coming into the spider’s web!)

    Once inside the shop, I was overwhelmed with information, cream was applied on hands, I was bombarded with “can you see the difference?” comments and somehow ended up paying GBP550 for two bottles of eye serum.

    I am an educated person and was identifying the high pressure techniques as they came: isolating the person, creating noise (two sales people pretending to be clients) stacking piles of product adding more into the mix to make the offer look compelling, combining prices so you can no longer work out what you are getting and what the original price was, offering incentives and finally when I refused to buy more, outright aggression and raised voices. The experience was bewildering and I am LIVID with myself. I am a total idiot and this has been an extremely expensive lesson. God knows what I am going to do with the product, I can barely bring myself to look at it.

    No matter how good a product is, no company in the UK should be permitted to practice such sharp and intimidating practices. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

    • Update: There is hope everyone!

      I was devastated by my experience and absolutely livid. I felt like a complete fool but was convinced that I had been conned. I called:

      1: My credit card company – couldn’t help
      2: Westminster Trading Standards – BRILLIANT, they are compiling a case against these characters.
      3: I called the Head Office (address on their site) and spoke to about ten people before I got the person who could make a decision

      I explained the high pressure techniques, that I had informed WTS and was offered a refund.

      The process: I returned to the shop and was SHOUTED at by a sales person (including “I thought you were a nice person!” Really, the relevance?) I politely refused to sit down and did not let the sales person remove the products until the refund was processed (he kept trying to do this, I suspect to tamper with them in some way and refuse the refund. See how cynical I am?)

      It is worth pursuing this company to get your money back if you really feel that you have been mis-sold a product. Keep the packaging and return the products intact. Good luck.

  124. Kerry on said:

    a coupe months back I was at OR Tambo airport and a salesman came up to me and said “I see you trying to hide your pigmentation with makeup..” I said, no, I actaully just had a baby which is what the pigmentation is from. Them he grabbed my arm and said “Try this” I tried to pull my arm away but he wouldn’t let go. He said “Just try this” , I told him to let go of my arm immediately or else I scream. I walked off and he followed me, trying to sell me the product, and then he said I can have it cheaper because he has some that the packaging was damaged. I actually had a bruise on my arm from him.

    • Beauty Snob Tina on said:

      Yes, they are like that! Aggressive and intimidating. How they’re still in business is beyond me!

  125. Tabatha on said:

    After reading all the posts I thought I would share my two cents as well… I first was lured into Orogold with the free sample and the heavily accented compliment of, may I ask you a question? What do you use on your skin, you have the most beautiful skin… may I offer you a free facial? Having just been strolling the the Sacramento mall and having extra time I thought sure, I will get a free facial…I am 44 years old. They pulled out the handy dandy i-pads with all the photos of before and afters on it of which I was impressed. So I sat through the facial which included the gold mask.. I was shocked that they would use such an expensive product for a facial they just pulled out of the mall.. $1500 for the mask. YIKES! But they said FREE facial so go ahead and use the mask. It felt great, my skin looked great and after about 1 1/2 hours of going back and forth with me telling them, I don’t have $700 for products today, they magically came down to $245 for all the products that I wanted to purchase. About 6 products. (And they gave me the mask they used in my facial) Of course the guy who helped me was also part “owner”… uh hu… No one in there could speak fluent English, everyone looked as if they were from Italy or some other country where everyone has dark skin, dark hair and very attractive, very young, very thick accents… the thought crossed my mind, if I were to apply here would I even be considered for a job because I speak English and have white skin? Well the overall experience was more compliments than I have ever received in my life in that hour and a half, it’s obviously part of the training. These kids must go through a rigorous training program to work there. It is near impossible to get out of there without buying something… I have fallen in love with a few of their products.. but the funny thing is, every time I go back in there to buy the products I like, they try to charge me an outstanding amount of money and I look at them and say, the last 5 times I purchased this from you it only cost me $15… and the 21 year old girl behind the register looks at me with a blank face and says, “oh, ok.” With all that said, they are extremely pushy, very well trained in the art of “buttering” women up…but if you can walk in there like YOU own the place, know what you want to buy and tell them what you will pay for it, you get a great product for a fair price. There are no set prices in that store. They start high and if the threat of losing a sale is there, they will come down..but you will not get a refund no matter what. By the way, my favorite product is the body mist ($15) and the hair serum (I got for free 3 times) but now they quit selling the serum. Of course. It is sad that so many people have had bad experiences.. I can see very easily how this could happen. I have NEVER encountered another store like Orogold and their practices. Be confident, know what you want and don’t get pulled in by the compliments. Know what the prices are online and don’t let them BS you into paying their ridiculous prices. Great product, bad practices.

  126. I can’t help wondering WHY all the positive feedback has been deleted off this sight?
    It seems one sided when all of June comments have disappeared for sure.
    Is that really fair when some people are unhappy and others are not?

  127. Erm I have come to some conclusion, I was offered a job in orogold and I went there for a training day, I was stunned in the fact that the sales people have a minimum charge they can charge people there are no set prices to their products. But I didn’t get a phone call back after my training but I didn’t really want to go back any way after reading all this feed back. I they play good tricks to pressure customers in to buying. They expect 1000 daily target from each person working in the shop. They are very rude I wouldn’t even think about saying what they told me to say to people. Very bad treatment, but I must admit it’s not their fault you can’t say no an walk away! I no I would. Just saying.

    • Catherine Palmer on said:

      Hello Tash, thank you for your post on Snob Essentials. I was completely taken in and manipulated, conned, hook line and sinker I fell for all the tricks. I am not a cosmetic consumer, I use E45! But I was convinced by the sales lady, Jessica at the 155 High Street Kensington Store on 28 July, that I needed these things. I have reported them to the Trading Standards regulators and am trying to get the Consumer Association to take legal action against them. The tactics they use are unlawful as defined by the Consumer Protection of Unfair Trade Regulations 2008 including: Lure & Switch, Limited offer & Free Offer subject to purchase. If there is any information or assistance that you could or would give to me to help get these sharks off the street, I would be most grateful. Yours confidentially, Catherine

  128. Tash, You obviously are a good person!!
    You have a heart.
    You were offered a job, so you know you can sell products. well done to you.
    I respect people like you, because to make money you can’t feel pain.

  129. A big thumbs down for this company’s unacceptably pushy sales tactics, which are clearly the hallmark of this brand. Of course every brand and every salesperson wants to sell their product, but never have I come across more aggressive and more psychological games to coerce customers into buying skincare.

    As for the products themselves, they do indeed contain some leaf gold. This is not colloidal gold as some people have written – and just as well, as this has adverse effects on some people. Nevertheless, gold was the 2001 “allergen of the year” chosen by the American Contact Dermatitis Society, which explains why it will cause allergic reactions in a number of people. For most users, however, the gold won’t do anything. The other ingredients are pretty standard, which brings them on par with most other cosmetic brands, relying on a mixture of hard-to-prove statements and glossy photoshopped images to sell their items.

  130. what happened to the phrases “No thank you, or I’ll think about it, or no know what, I bought this already, or give me a break im just looking, or the famous one for me was…
    Is it stolen?… lol

  131. GirlPower on said:

    I purchased this product early 2014. I noticed good peeling effect on my skin at first. So I used the product for two months. I just realized after 2 months that my skin god so much acne. The peeling creams, night creams and day creams all leave residue or even get trapped in my pores. This product is problematic and too expensive.

    The only good thing that it taught me is that my face is better off without make-up and using less products. One should avoid trying any product especially for skin on face.

    I’m not acne prone. but now it is all over my skin. All whiteheads or residues from the creams

  132. Jenni on said:

    What you guys should do is have a friend go into the store by herself with a voice recorder/cell phone camera. Get them to say there name and that they will refund on tape. Then walk out and try returning the next day with that in hand

  133. Oluwafemi on said:

    I was given a free sample at the mall and the guy invited me in. he said “excuse my accent, I’m from Israel” I felt like his accent was fake, I told him I have Jewish friends and I didn’t have any problem understanding him. he did the eye and hand thing, asked me what I used on my face, I told him Black soap from Ghana. he moved on quickly, asked me how old I was, I lied, asked me how many kids I had, I lied about that, asked me how many boyfriends I had, I lied about that too. he showed me all of the products, and said “do you see a difference?” I told him I would have to see after a few days and thanked him very much…and walked out of the store. they have a store now, before they had a kiosk and they guy was trying to sell me the product, I told him it was too high, he said “don’t be so cheap with yourself” and was offering all of these other items. I am very STUBBORN so ladies just learn how to say NO and mean it, no one can make you buy something unless you want to. unless they are holding a weapon to your head, you can say “not today, I have to pay bills” and leave. period. if you don’t want it, don’t buy it! I went in…but had no intention of buying and that was that.

  134. So glad I decided to look up these products before I bought them! I had the exact same experience as many others listed here at the store on the Kensington high street in London. The woman showed me loads of products and I did quite like the face peel. I am a 20 year old student however so told her I would have to think about it and also make sure it didn’t give me a rash. I told her at least 6 times that I didn’t have enough with me to buy it that day (although I had my card) because I was suspicious about how many deals she was offering and how pushy she was! She also proceeded to tell me I needed it and that I could be a model after using the peel because my skin was very “rough”. Very glad I didn’t purchase anything now!

  135. I was accosted today outside their High Street Kensington store, ended up with the peel for £50 and a booking for a free facial (which I won’t be using as they will probably charge me a fortune on the day).

    The sales agent was very pushy and kept trying to push other products on me even when I kept saying I didn’t have the money.

    The one positive is it did make a huge difference to the rosacea on my cheeks and I have washed my face since, so I probably would use if I could get it cheaper.

  136. Ummm why has my post been removed?

  137. hahaha… there is a reason why men make so many jokes of female stupidity. whenever i am buying a beauty product at any price (!) deep down i know: i am paying for a fantasy, a fairy tale, a dream you name it. these things can moisturize and soften my skin but never make me or anyone else look any different. there are, of course, laser treatments, peelings, surgeries that make a real difference whereas creams can only support their results. i am sure OROGOLD is AMAZING on some people while ineffective on others. calling it scum?? plain stupid.

    • —scum or scam… in no way:) the only reason a woman writes such an article is because she is mad at herself that she realized spending ridiculously huge amount of money won’t make a dream of eternal youth come true, not because orogold is bad or good. no one forces you to open a wallet, you did what you wanted to do and you will do the same thing next time someone promises you a miracle, no matter with or without refund, it’s just will be cheaper and you will buy because there is always a hope:) ….

  138. Jeanne Potter on said:

    Actually, I love the products! I only bought what I wanted, let them fawn all over me, let them apply treatments, took the free stuff, asked for more free samples and walked out when I wanted to! This is all true and I am a real person…bought my products in Sarasota, FL on Ringling Circle! I was actually looking online where I can buy more since I have moved to Croatia…and by the way, they MAILED my products here free of charge!!

  139. Anonymous on said:

    I was bamboozled into buying 2 products for $324. The Italian guy, Luis, at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego was very charming! He was very sweet, although at a few points I rolled my eyes at what he said. There was a woman with him that thought she was the cat’s meow. Luis told me she supposedly only did facials on celebrities. Her facials allegedly ran upwards of $10,000! HA! I didn’t fall for that. I purchased the eye serum and moisturizer. Politely declined, multiple times the 5 minute mini facial by this “master esthetician” and hurried back to my class. Needless to say, that night and the next day, I had MAJOR buyer’s remorse. I checked online about this product and felt sick to my stomach. Luckily, the receipt said I had 7 days to return the products. 2 days after I purchased these product., I went to return the products 2 days after I purchased them , brought my boyfriend as back-up in case I needed, Luis was there. He was still very nice. He asked why I was returning them and I said that I had major buyer’s remorse and that I never spend this kind of money on beauty products. He was VERY nice the entire time. He needed help from the other guy working there. This other guy processed my request and I was on my way, feeling lighter…
    Reading all the horror stories made me sick to my stomach, but I wanted to share this comment. Not all the pushy sales people are horrible. Luis was a true gentleman. Very nice. Maybe he believes in this product or maybe it is just a paycheck, regardless, he was very PRofessional about the return.

  140. Anonymous on said:

    I purchased items on Sat. and went home. First thing I did was look up products online, I like reading reviews, but I first saw complaints on this company and their “No Refund Policy”. I immediately text the salesperson and told her I wanted to return items. I went back into store and sales girl called Taten, who said she had to get approvals and would call me back on SUN. She never called, so I went back into store. The sales girl was off but there were several young foreigners working in store. One male sales person called Taten and over the phone said she was working on this and would be in the store about 3pm on Monday but would call me between 10-11am on Monday. On Monday, she did call and offer me a store credit, I asked what time she would be in store, she said about 4pm, I then told her the store credit was not acceptable and she said she had to call and find out what else they could do and call me in an hr. That hr. came and went so, about 1:00 I went into mall. I went up to first person I saw, a female, and handed her Taten phone number on paper and asked that she call her. Low and behold, the female informed me she was Taten. She stated they cannot give me a full refund… I said I was going to go file a complaint at mall office, and she said fine. Since that didn’t faze her, I asked if they employed any Israeli’s. She said “No, what does that have to do with anything. I said in my research of the company, some other had suggested this company hired young Israeli’s and got them tourist visa’s and send them to work over in US. She said no, everyone is legal to work in US. At this time a male walked up and was listening to conversation. I then stated I would be there every Friday evening and week-end to detour potential customer from the store. She said she would call a lawyer, I said then I would contact Homeland security and Immigration. She said “let me make a call” and walked away. The male standing there said” we want to give you a refund, but have to get approval first, there will be no needed for you to call anyone. She came back and said” they will call back in 5 minutes with approval.” I said I’ll be back in 5 minutes and walked to the mall office and filed a complaint……. Walking back to store, 2 of the male employees were walking towards me saying “we were looking for you, we want to give you refund”. I went back to store and got full refund.

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