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Oscar de la Renta Four-Stud Belt: This Lady’s on the Cutting-Edge



Studs like you’ve never seen them before. When Oscar does tough-girl hardware, it is anything but typical. He executes his studs with chic polish, giving the metal-trimmed belt a whole new meaning. As seen on de la Renta’s exquisite Fall 2011 runway, the four-stud belt is at once edgy and ladylike, a combination requiring well-versed balance that few get right.

Full of sumptuous tiers of fur, sequined floral and geometric herringbone embroideries, and rich layers of bouclé, the Fall collection demanded a good, firm cinch throughout and the four-stud belt delivers. In lambskin leather, plush velvet, or the to-die-for crocodile, this is the sort of heady yet refined belt that will define coats, give old dresses new meaning, and bring confidence to your posture. Studs will never be the same again!

Lambskin Leather Belt At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $450.

Alligator Belt. At Oscar de la Renta for $1,390.

Pair with: This stud-accented belt is ideal for pumping up workwear. It would bring new life to Yves Saint Laurent‘s classic wrap-effect dress, precision-cut gray tweed with blazer-style lapels. On Net-a-Porter for $1,290.


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