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Ralph Lauren Odette Wellington Boots: Rainy Days Won’t Get Her Down


This year, for us grownups, wellies have gotten a chic makeover like we’ve never seen before (Givenchy’s riding boots, Ferragamo’s felt and PVC style, and Aquatalia’s all-weather looks, to name a few). Why should us moms be the only ones to enjoy some fancy footwork on dreary, rainy days? Looks like Ralph Lauren (naturally) had the same idea.

We’re so used to seeing colorful and playfully patterned galoshes on little girls – always adorable, for sure! – but for the Snobbiest of tots, these high-gloss, equestrian-inspired Odette boots will catapult them to a new level. In PVC, these are flexible and comfy; with the too-cool buckle, harness, and gold hardware details, they are the perfect blend of English horseback champion and smart city girl. Let her layer them with wooly knee-socks and get extra spunky with the rest of her outfit. With boots this en vogue, she can afford to funk it up and be a little girl. Ralph Lauren Odette Wellington Boots on Alex and Alexaicon for $129.



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