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Seedling Create Your Own Designer Doll: All Dolled Up



I love “make your own” anything – the toys designed for your kids to make themselves are so much more creative and fun. And how special is it when they reach that end product on their own? Tots’ brains have no limits, so there’s no reason to restrict them to a prescribed notion of what a doll, or anything else for that matter, should look like.

Nothing says “mine” like a create-your-own doll. But unless your craftiness rivals Martha Stewart’s (and I know mine doesn’t), you probably need help making one on your own. This kit is the perfect seedling, just as the brand suggests. A bare-cotton doll, embroidery thread, assorted products, and more goodies: with this kit, the possibilities are endless.

When my daughter was younger, she and I made a stuffed bunny from a kit together. The seams were crooked, the face was just not right, and the ears were different sizes, but to this day she still cherishes it because “Mommy made it.” It is really the sweetest sentiment, and it’s the moments like those that motherhood all that much more rewarding.

So whether your tot can do this on her own or you turn it into a mother-daughter activity, this is a special opportunity to create something memorable and truly special At Giggleicon for $36.



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