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T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set: Curl Up With This

Springy, coiled Shirley Temple curls are so, well…Shirley Temple! The new curl is all about the “S” shape, a light curve with the softness of a wave. To achieve it you can’t be using your grandmother’s rollers. Enter the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers set. It’s compact, quick to heat up, gentle on your hair, and the end result is incredible curls. What’s not to love?

Nothing at all! The quilted travel case – now you’ll always have great hair, no matter where you go – comes with four giant rollers and four big rollers (for longer manes). With shine-enhancing Tourmaline technology, you get lustrous hair with more sheen than before you curled it.

Just heat them up for a mere two minutes. Then divide the back of your hair into four sections, two on the top and two on the bottom (I used the giant rollers for the back). Use the rest of the curlers to get really defined curls around the front and sides (since I have a side part, I use three on the side I part on). And to get professional-looking curves, as seen on Karlie at Anna Sui’s Spring 2011 runway show, start rolling at the roots and twirl the rest of your hair around the roller.

Either way, it takes less than 10 minutes and it’s so unfussy! These butterfly clips are way easier than those pins – they ensure all your hair is secured, particularly if you have layers that stubbornly don’t want to stay on the roller. Just keep the curlers in for 10 minutes (while you’re doing your makeup), and voila! It will look like Orlando Pita made a personal visit to your house.

This is the greatest purchase ever. I have a ton of curling devices, but this is easiest to use and gives the best results, no contest. At Amazon for $99.



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  1. These look great…T3 usually always has quality products. I love the bouncy curls you get from hot rollers. Its also less damaging on the hair. I’m also a big fan of wet roller sets for the just takes forever for my hair to dry!