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The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor: The Jewels Behind the Legend

I have always believed that a woman’s spirit stays with her cherished jewels forever. Don’t ask me how I know this, but an incident with antique jewelry and a few possessed spirits in London convinced me it’s true. My lifelong obsession with jewelry was encouraged by my grandmother. She survived several wars by selling off pieces from her collection. When she escaped communist China to Taiwan, her jewels fed her family. Whenever I bought clothes, shoes or bags, she would chastise me, saying the money would have been better spent on a good diamond or gold (only 24-carat for her!).

Ever since I heard that Elizabeth Taylor’s incredible jewelry collection would be up for auction, I’ve been saving up (this would make grandmother proud!) as no jewel snob worth her gems should pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Although Liz Taylor was famous for her romantic dalliances with men, it was her lifelong love affair with jewels that she will be remembered for. Her legacy hits New York City next month at Christie’s (Dec. 3rd – Dec. 12th), culminating a world tour that started in Paris. With 269 breathtaking jewels to choose from, including the 33.19 carat diamond ring given to her by Richard Burton and the Antique Diamond Tiara from Mike Todd, it puts new meaning to the term, Special Event. And as Liz would only have it, portions of the proceeds from the exhibition and events will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Purchase tickets to the incredibly rare exhibition at Christie’s.



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