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Toobeez E-Z Fort: Build a Fort, Save Your Furniture

The end of summer and advent of fall means one thing for rambunctious tots – fort-building time! Yes, they’ve taken it from the yard to the living room. Personally, I’m tired of my own tots tearing up my furniture to construct forts and hideaways. And then there’s the safety issue – balancing blankets over the backs of chairs isn’t exactly secure. We’ve already had one chair fall on them when they were blanket-pulling! Since I understand their desire to build (and I enjoy the peace and quiet when they hide inside and think I can’t see or hear them!), I’m thrilled to find this easy, inexpensive fort by Toobeez. This is definitely going to be under the tree this Christmas!

E-Z Fort supplies with the tubes to build the structure. You will still have to provide sheets or blankets for the covering (fine by me since I have plenty of those and I like that I can easily clean them).

There are other forts by this company that I’ve reviewed in the past, but this EZ-Fort is way cheaper. And since they don’t really need to build a large structure – tots only need one big enough to sit inside – this is just the answer!  For a small price you can save your furniture – and save your kids from a possibly bumped head. On Amazon for $40.33.



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