Topshop Smoke & Mirrors Collection: That Seventies Show


Since its release last year, Topshop has garnered surprisingly positive attention, as well as a cult following, for their high-value makeup line. This fall, for their limited-edition “Smoke & Mirrors” collection, the mega-store was inspired by 1970s ingénues – think sunny yet sultry beauties like Ali McGraw, Farrah Fawcett, and Goldie Hawn. It’s all about wide eyes, girlish lips, doll-face cheeks, and tawny, golden skin. This is a different take on the autumnal palette (we usually have deep wine lips and paler, matte skin on the mind), one that’s fresh and youthful.

Lipstick is kept light in “Rumour Has It,”icon ($18) dusty rose, and “Pillow Talk,”icon ($18) baby pink, so your pout stays innocent and your eyes can steal the show. But these aren’t your typical seductress lids – use the “Secret Liasons” paletteicon ($30), of rich browns and pale creams to bring a hint of smoke and definition. Then add heaps of “Black Velvet” Lash Extender mascaraicon ($20) for that almost clumpy retro look. Finalize and bring punctuation to both eyes and lips with the lip and eye pencil seticon ($20), a neutral pairing of black and nude.

While it might feel odd to reach for new bronzer in November, I say never give up on the glow. Topshop blends their bronzer and blush into one brilliant “Burning Embers” compacticon ($25). Finish it all off with some dew: Glow Highlighter in “Polished”icon ($18) is a pot of pearly cream for adding a hint of radiance wherever you wish.

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