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TopStyler by Instyler: Out with Iron, In with Clip

Twitter is my number-one go-to source for all things these days. The latest to catch my attention? I noticed my Twitter timeline was abuzz with a product called TopStyler, which curls hair using a special heated hair clips. Some people loved it, others not so much. Of course, I had to give it a whirl and see for myself. As soon as the package arrived, I read the instruction manual cover to cover, which I naturally only do for beauty products. (To this day, I have never read any of my car owner manuals.) I plugged it in and twirled up sections of my hair as instructed before clipping each one. The first try nailed a perfect ten. My hair was fabulous and wavy.

The trick is not crushing the finger-curl by clipping it on the side. This way, the heat sets the curl without damage to the hair follicles. The second try was not as good, given I had clean hair. Verdict: TopStyler is best used on second-day (or even third, depending on your hair type) hair. And work some product in there to give it some keep. Slippery, straight, clean hair doesn’t finger-curl well – the result was oddly shaped curls.

If your hair has a natural frizz or wave, you will absolutely LOVE this! Asian girls with straight and healthy hair will have less dramatic results, but if you use styling product on dirty hair, you should do just fine. Totally obsessed with this and want to try it on everyone – I’m so getting Kelly a set!

Check out for their limited-time trial offer ($14.99) or get two for $120.



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    1. You must try it, it’s so fun but a bit more time consuming than a curling iron. It does save hair from damage though! xoxo Tina