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Zara Boys: Hot Jacket, Hip Kid

Hit the wrong shops when you’re shopping for your boy, and you’re in for a dismaying experience. My answer to the lack of decent boys’ fashion at Neiman Marcus (if only it were as good as the girls’!): Zara Kids. Free shipping and hassle-free in-store returns make this my new favorite! Why shouldn’t our young guys – who let’s hope are developing their own lifelong sense of style savvy – have access to the same cool clothes as grown-up dudes?

Like easy collared shirts, well-fitting jeans, and a rockin’ jacket to wear everyday. Seriously, a biker “leather” jacket under 60?! Now that makes sense! Even the seamed sleeves are right on. So it’s not real leather, but this is the sort of thing meant to last only a season (or even less, at the accelerated rate my kid is growing) – it’s just plain dumb to spend $400 on a leather jacket from a high-end designer brand.

Since his jacket is enough tough stuff for one little guy, no ripped T-shirts emblazoned with skulls. I want him looking cool, not like a hoodlum. A collared plaid shirt under biker leather softens and smartens him up . Add a pair of  skinny jeans and he’s ready for the camera. If only I could get him to comply to posing for me!

Biker’s jacket, $59.90, Checkered Herringbone Shirt, $25.90, and Dark Blue Faded Skinny Jeans, $29.90.



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