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Alaïa Alligator-Effect Patent-Leather Tote: This Gator’s Got Bite

Gutsy move, Alaïa. Clearly, there is no fear of reptile in Azzedine’s fashion house. Then again, he of the garments that cling like second-skin is not known for dressing shy women. Like many things Alaïa, this is an unusual take – you usual don’t see faux alligator like this. Setting each bold gator scale in shiny patent leather is a tricky business. Glossy animal skin easily turns cheesy, but not in this case. They made the right move by taking it all the way: ultra-magnified scales, each one the same size, that are clearly not meant to be realistic. Rich forest-green drives the point home.

Thankfully, the ultra-classic handbag shape brings it down a notch, so it’s not garish and gaudy. But you still have you do your part to make this work. Don’t be too precious about it; don’t go for proper and prim. A bag like this requires a harder look. Alligators are infamous for their bone-crushing bites, so channel their intensity! Go edgy or go home.

On Net-a-Porter for $2,645.

Pair with: That means no pearls or dainty pumps. Toughen it up with buckled platform sandals by Burberry. The stiletto keeps it femme, while thick straps and chunky hardware set a no-nonsense mood that lets them know you don’t take your satchel too seriously.

On Net-a-Porter for $695.



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