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Bodycomfort Trance Head Massager: A Real Head Case

Did I mention I am easily bullied into buying things? I’m still scarred by the Oro Gold debacle, but Black Friday proved not to be a complete bomb. It’s all thanks to three French guys at a kiosk in Century City Shopping Center who convinced me I could not live another day without a “trance” head massager and self-heating back pad. No doubt, I had my suspicions (fool me twice, shame on me), but after much finagling, I snagged a two-for-one deal! And yes, I am that sucker at the kiosks these salespeople spot a mile away. But, finally, at long last, something I’m proud that I purchased.
This awkward-looking yet clearly simple contraption feels so good on the scalp! After just a few minutes of rolling it around my head (the boy does it for me), I drifted off into a two-hour nap. Bodycomfort’s massager is said to relieve stress, as it taps into your head’s electrical fields, and I believe it. It’s a scalp massage with the benefits of acupressure.
Maybe you should peruse the kiosks yourself sometime: priced at $24.95, I got it (plus the back pad) for $15 – YAY! I so needed that after the gold fiasco.
At Bodycomfort for $24.95.



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