Bruno Cucinelli Feathered Motorcycle Boot: Don’t Ruffle These Feathers


Is it a classic motorcycle boot or a feather duster? I love Bruno Cucinelli, but these boots are downright silly. I’m all for a little flair where you least expect it, ankles included, especially when a stylish attention-getter is executing the look. With minimal accessories and tights tucked in, these boots could be fun for an untamed fashionista who knows how to handle them.

But, ultimately, what’s the point? It’s a good thing that this frothy explosion of ostrich detaches, since it will only take two wears to destroy it. Each time you attempt to stuff your feet into the boots? Another feather – or ten – surely bites the dust. Take off the fluffy collar and you have just another plumage-free, utilitarian boot that lacks worthwhile detail (especially for this price). When it comes to these boots, heavy on whimsy and light on common sense, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The verdict? Don’t even bother. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $1,435.

2 thoughts on “Bruno Cucinelli Feathered Motorcycle Boot: Don’t Ruffle These Feathers

  1. That is just bad…maybe if paired with a taupe tutu and sequin tank? Just pile it on!

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