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C. Wonder Mini-Cupcake Maker: Incredible Edibles

I am absolutely obsessed with C. Wonder. With an upbeat attitude, an emphasis on bright colors and spirited prints, and an outlook that helps you make your home a little livelier, this new store is genius for one-stop gift-shopping. Their Mini Cupcake Maker may only come in discreet white, but it is certainly at the top of my list.

This novel machine produces seven bite-sized cupcakes in just minutes. Now that’s instant gratification. Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, this gadget is a great way to get young bakers started, and they can keep letting the creativity fly when it comes to the frosting.

What a huge step up from the Easy Bake Oven – and I’m certain it’s much safer to eat from. I will be sending one to all of my friends’ little girls who love to bake (I mean, how many more dolls do they need?!). And let’s not forget our little boy chefs-in-training. When the result is yummy cupcakes, everyone gets excited – moms included! At C. Wonder for $39.



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