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Camilla Skovgaard Tongue Stiletto Booties and Flat Sandals: Are You Flying High or a Low Rider?

How rare is it to find a pair of flats that stands up to their high-heeled counterpart? An unusual occasion, indeed, but Camilla Skovgaard has managed to make magic happen.
I can’t decide which of these sisters I love more, and it’s not just the flat sandals’ high comfort level that’s making my decision difficult. I’m talking all about looks!
The flats ($412) are way chic and seriously cool. Unusual lines and a sexy ankle strap set the tone for a mix of black-on-black leather and pony-hair. There is a lot going on – in the way I like – and these sandals have a dressed-up vibe most flats never achieve.
But there’s always the temptation to amp it up and these stiletto booties ($575) will do just that. Commanding ankle straps, and a confident shade of punchy purple spices up the scene even more. Strategically placed cutouts increase the heat even more. The verdict? If the flats came in a bright, bold hue, they would win first prize, hands down.



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