Céline Luggage Tote in Hot Pink: Express Yourself

I have always believed you can say it with color (your mood, personality, temperament) and I have always been a fan of hot pink. What’s a trendy color for some – scratch that, most – is a long-standing basic in my wardrobe. Not only does it set off neutral shades with ease (with navy, it’s brilliant), I believe hot pink to be the most spirit-lifting color in the spectrum!

Now that vibrant bags are popping up allover Resort season, I might not be the only one treating it like a style staple. And that’s just fine with me; pink has enough power to go around. I’m pleased to see Kelly finally embracing the color after of years of pale-pink love

Bright is the way to go, and if you still haven’t taken to it, behold Céline’s latest rendition of the Luggage tote (measuring 12″ by 12” by 7″). It’s succulent, it radiates good energy, and it pops like nothing else. This is a must. Wonderfully clashing orange zipper details put it over the edge of lust-worthiness. I know you have heard me say this before, but Céline’s Luggage tote is the young girl’s answer to her mother’s Birkin! In hot pink, it’s my answer to absolutely anytime I have the blues.

At Bergdorf Goodman for $2,000.

Pair with: Orange you glad there’s a touch of tangerine in this tote? Mimic the zippers with Stella McCartney’s faux python and leather sandals. Orange soles look edgy against nude and natural snake (they go so well, I’ll swallow the fact that they’re faux!).

On Net-a-Porter for $845.

17 thoughts on “Céline Luggage Tote in Hot Pink: Express Yourself

  1. I have never been a fan of the Celine Luggage Tote. Just not my style, but I am loving the hot pink. Even my sons know that hot pink is my favorite color, and I wear it often. What is amazing to me is that I own only two hot pink bags.
    The color is just not enough to get me to like this particular bag. It just looks so big for something that can’t go over the shoulder.

  2. I saw this in the Bergdorf goodman catalogue, it’s the dreamiest of deamy pinks

  3. annabelle on said:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh so lovely! tina do you have any contacts i can call for a celine luggage in la or oc, ca?

  4. Absolutely LOVELY…kind of obsessed!

  5. FashionClout on said:

    I’d just like one in every colour possible?


  6. It’s such a cute shade of pink! And love the shape of it!

  7. Anonymous on said:

    exquisite Christmas gift,

  8. I guess I am boring but my clothes and handbag wardrobe is blacks, greys, whites, creams, etc… and colors like this usually do not get my attention, but this bag is really lovely and I am seriously considering it. Tina, I have the same Celine leopard tote as you do and I just love it, and usually I never buy two of same bag…

    • Bag Snob Tina on said:

      I’m actually going to get the Nano luggage in hot pink (the bag gods willing of course, I’m on the list! lol) instead because my leopard luggage is just a tad large on me at 34cm! You should do the same!

  9. I love that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Tina, do you know if this hot pink has published already in Bergdorf or it will be coming soon? Celine in Miami told it is all on waiting list at moment. =(

  11. I just bought this bag at BG in a beautiful olive green (pebbled lambskin). I was originally saving up for a Balenciaga City (for months actually) and one day saw the Celine luggage tote in a magazine and literally had a change of heart in seconds.

    To those who live in NYC – BG just got a bunch in stock! They had the green, the smooth taupe, black, brown and dark blue. Go go go!

  12. Anonymous on said:

    Beautiful! Definitely on my list :)

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