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Chasing Fireflies Cardboard Gingerbread House: Think “Board,” Not “Bored”

Why build a gingerbread house you can’t even eat or play with afterwards? Sure it’s fun while you’re making (and eating the candy of) the gingerbread house but afterwards all you can do it look at it (we made one this weekend and I told my 4 year old, “This is only for looking, ok?” and she lit up and said, “Oh, it’s for licking!”) This Cardboard Playhouse, on the other hand, is the best thing ever. It’s a fun mini-house that kids can actually enjoy – while they are decorating it and afterwards when they get to play in it. Sets of reusable decals are sold separately, but tots can certainly use their imagination and supplies. An added bonus is that if you give your children their own house to decorate, they won’t insist on adding candy canes to every part of your holiday décor.

Made of strong cardboard, this playhouse has windows on each side, a front door, and a chimney. But if a playschool is preferable, the chimney can be swapped for a cupola (and this is included!). And parents, you don’t have to worry, it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture – it flattens out for storage. But the real bonus is that, unlike a gingerbread house, this one is not sticky and just waiting for an ant invasion. At Chasing Fireflies for $68.



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