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Costume National Slingback Cork Wedge Sandals: High and Mighty


The nature of shoes and their ever-changing silhouettes: the instant you think you’re (momentarily) over the sky-scraping platform, a new one makes an entrance and it’s long-leg love all over again. Moods are fickle – and so is my height!

Costume National has a way of putting an avant-garde spin on anything, even the classic cork wedge. These platforms would be better defined as “stilts” than “heels.” You get monster height from the bulk of the wedge, which sits on stacked-wood island platforms. At 6” with a wacky sole, I am a bit worried about the inherent dangers. But even if I don’t feel stable enough to wear them, they are pretty amazing. The fascination doesn’t end at the wood-cork blend – creased red-brown leather has all the neutrality of brown, but it’s much more exciting. And I bet they are sturdier than they look; a slip-on mule will luckily hold your foot in place and the sling-back strap is adjustable for a perfect fit. What do you say, are you ready to ride high? At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $963.

Pair with: Give a nod to Costume National’s unusual seams and stitching with Pencey’s Warrior blazer. Lacing details give casual heather gray knit a funky spin. On ShopBop for $264.



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