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Dairyface: Lather Yourself in Yogurt (literally!)

Sure it’s gimmick-y, but I can’t help but love the idea of Dairyface, a new yogurt-based skincare line. Yogurt is the #1 ingredient and there are no preservatives so all of the brand’s products need to be kept in the fridge and, fittingly, all of the packaging looks exactly like something you’d find in the Greek yogurt section of your local health food store. I actually had to put a Post-It on the containers so no one in my apartment would eat them because not only do they look like Greek yogurt, they also smell like it and have the same consistency! The collection includes five products, four of which can be used on your face and body (peppermint, orange, green tea, and lavender), and one eye cream. In addition to yogurt they’re made with, among other things, avocado, olive, bergamot, and grape seed oil so I’m guessing that even if someone were to accidentally eat one of these, they’d probably be fine.

Each product retails for $19.95 and because they’re made from natural ingredients (that you could find in a kitchen!), they expire relatively quickly (about two months). I tried the eye cream and used Lavender and Green Tea on my body (you lather it on skin and then wash it off). I love the cooling sensation that you get when using these products, especially for the eye cream because it helps wake up your face in the morning. I’m a fan of Greek yogurt so I also loved the smell, but be forewarned if you do not like the smell of Greek yogurt, do not try this line because it’s literally like lathering yourself in yogurt!

Each product is full of pre- and pro-biotics, vitamins A, D, E, C, and B12 and free of additives, synthetics, or anything artificial and the brand works with local dairies to source their live milk cultures. The thing that I like the best though is that you can read the ingredients labels on each of Dairface’s products and actually understand them – what’s more natural than that?


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