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Davines Wizard No. 14 Sea Salt Primer: Beach Babe Hair

I’ve been using the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and loving it but I have to make sure I use it sparingly because there is build up. I love the effects on my super slick hair, it gives it texture and some volume so it’s not totally flat. Of course, my stylist the beloved hair guru Neil Weisberg, used the Davines Wizard on me instead and I’ve been hooked. I use it on wet hair so when it air dries, the ends are smooth but the hair has that effortless tussled look. It’s even better when you’re blow drying, go ahead and be generous with the spraying and be prepared for sultry hair that is manageable like you’ve used hairspray but without all the gunk and stickiness. I will sometimes use it on dry hair when I feel like it’s looking a bit limp. I scrunch up big bunches with my hands and give it a big head shake as if I’m on Baywatch – and looking as good, too (at least the hair does)! It doesn’t smell as beach as the Bumble spray, it’s more dessert-y with vanilla. ¬†At Amazon for $21.70 (8.45 Oz)



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