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Disney Princess Toddler Doll & Dress Combo: Dress Your Own Fairy Tale

Which little girl doesn’t want to be just like her favorite Disney princess? Yearning to look – and feel – just like your favorite fantastical character is a timeless game, but now Disney has made the dream more of a reality, just in time for last-minute Christmas shopping.
This one-stop kit lets your girlish tot wear the very same ensemble as the princess of her choice. Whether she covets the long locks of Rapunzel (the lacing on the purple dress makes for an appropriately medieval look), the spunky spirit of Tiana (this green-and-yellow gown mimics the one out of “The Princess and the Frog”), the intelligent charm of Belle, or she wants to be pretty in pink like the Sleeping Beauty Aurora, your toddler will love her doll all the more because they can be just like each other!
Available for $34.99 each in stores only.

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