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Easy Balance Jumping Stick: Enjoy, Not Injure

Of course I find the best gift AFTER Christmas, but there are always birthdays. I have never been a fan of the pogo stick for tots, it just seems totally unsafe with all the inevitable falling. I am not the total paranoid mom but I’d like to prevent injury whenever possible even if I am keeping my tots from learning how to balance (but for the sake of fun, not function!). The unique design (award winning!) has a platform bottom so instead of having to balance the entire 360 degrees, they only need to balance 180 degrees – from side to side, which is exponentially easier. The platform also creates an elliptical spring action for better bouncing. With this they get to enjoy instead of injure. The upper shaft is adjustable for different heights. Now I want to give this a try, it probably burns major calories, too! At Hammacher Schlemmer for $99.95.



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