Enzo Milano Round Clipless Curling Iron: Curls, Italian Style

My digital perm has granted my hair cool, beachy waves that I absolutely love. (Digital heat makes it different from a traditional perm, giving you messy waves, not serious curls.) So when I do crave those va-va-voom curls, I still need help. This clipless curilng iron by Enzo Milano provides your locks with salon-worthy, bouncy curls for those special nights out. I love a good hair project (it’s so gratifying to change your look all on your own!), and this tool is so much fun to play with. Enzo Milano’s sleek, black curling iron comes with a glove and a DVD with instructions on how not to burn your hand, ear, or face – much appreciated! And once you get the hang of using this curling iron, your curls come out perfect, without that annoying crimping caused by a clip! Sure, it may be just a bit molto caro, but your curls are worth it. Bring on the mane event! At Enzo Milano for $139.99.

One thought on “Enzo Milano Round Clipless Curling Iron: Curls, Italian Style

  1. Good luck girl ….Do post a pic when you are successful :)

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