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Hair Wars: Who Wears the Messy Topknot Best?

Just last week I was enamored with Kate Hudson’s loose, tumbling bun. Now I’m sensing a pattern when it comes to gravity-defying hairdos. Irreverent, youthful, and just a little haphazard, the messy topknot takes the ballerina out of the bun and gives it a modern spin. In recent months, celebs from all walks of glamour have given the loosened, high-riding chignon a whirl, so now it’s up to you to determine who wears it best.

Blake Lively has tousled, sun-kissed locks down to an art form, and her lightly teased bun is no exception; it matches the touchable volume of her dress. We already know that Gwen Stefani does everything her own way, buns included. Hers is humorously high – only she could pull this off with finesse. On the other hand, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley keeps it classic and simple with a more conservative bun that shows off her pretty face. Lake Bell puts the focus on flowing tendrils framing her face, and shakes it up with a center part, while Mila Kunis aimed for a glamorous, old-Hollywood spin on the look. So who gets your vote?

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