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Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer: Seal and Bat

Is mascara just not enough for you? Me either! Sometimes I take the end of my mascara wand, dip a big glob on it, and work it around to get enough mascara on. But, for obvious reasons, it never turns out well. That’s why I love Hourglass. Their products always speak to my more extreme beauty needs.

Film Noir Lash Lacquer does exactly what I want – and I don’t have to abuse my mascara. Or my lashes for that matter. It doesn’t get all clumpy and it doesn’t make my lashes all stick together. It does add an extra layer to your already applied mascara to give it MORE, without the clumping or goopy mess. The applicator is a brush – not a spiky mascara wand – that you sweep over your lashes to create drama and depth. Plus, it seals them with a very nice gloss. Mascara usually dries very matte and dry, but this lacquer is like a sheen for your lashes. It’s not overt, but definitely makes your lashes appear more defined and noticeable. Make sure you’re nice to the brush so it stays in perfect condition. I tried the sample at Sephora and it didn’t work as well because the brush had been smashed apart. A new brush, or a well-tended one, will allow you the precision and control you want. At Sephora for $28.



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