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Jaw-Dropping Body Makeovers: How Did They Do It?

There is shedding a few extra pounds and then there is completely reinventing your body, and along with it, your personal style and your entire life. Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey are two women who have done the latter to amazing effects. Both superstar singers have undergone the metamorphosis of the total body makeover and appear all the more empowered for it. So how did they do it?

Perhaps Jennifer Hudson is the most shocking transformation of all. Seriously, 80 pounds by diet, exercise, and most importantly, sheer willpower alone? Her strategy, thanks in large part to Weight Watchers:
-Learn how to eat properly (so simple, but it’s true that many people haven’t been taught to eat healthily!).
-Count your points. The beauty of Weight Watchers is that nothing is off-limits, per se. If you desperately want a scoop of ice cream, don’t deprive yourself; just forgo another snack and make sure the points even out.
-Hard work! As in, getting up to go jogging at 4am (something Jennifer says she never would have done in the past). Follow Jennifer’s lead – you can always make time for exercise.
-Stick with it. Jennifer actually gained weight after her first three weeks on the program. That doesn’t mean it’s not working. Patience is key.
Remember that 1lb. of fat equals 3,500 extra calories. You can lose 1lb. a week by cutting back just 500 calories a day.

Mariah Carey’s weight has fluctuated along with her long career over the years. Now she credits Jenny Craig for getting her back on track and keeping her there. Mariah says the program is about “being healthy and just enjoying life in moderation.” So how did she drop all 70lbs. (we’re talking post-pregnancy, and 40lbs. of that was water loss)?

It’s (almost) all about food. Mariah says diet is 90% of weight loss, so she focuses on controlled meals that aren’t too heavy, like soups and healthy salads.
-Keep track of calories and maintain your workouts. Mariah eats 1,500 calories a day and exercises at least three times a week.
-Don’t weigh yourself constantly. It will make you crazy. Instead, focus on how you fit into your clothes.
-Weight and resistance training. Cardio just burns calories, but with weight training your body keeps burning hours after your workout (because you’re working your muscles).

As for myself– whenever I feel the need to shed a few pounds, I cut out wine completely (and switch to vodka&soda with two lemons) and magically lose the weight within a week!

What about you, what are your best weight loss tips?



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