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La-Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers: I’ve Seen the Light!

Tweezers with a built-in flashlight. Could anything be more brilliant? Unless you’re in bright, natural sunlight, it’s always harder than it should be to get a good look when you’re plucking your brows. Setting up lights, finding the right angle at the mirror, tweezing the wrong hair or pinching yourself because you can’t see quite well enough – it’s all kind of a pain. Hello La-Tweez Pro’s Illuminating tweezers!  It directs the light precisely where you are aiming the tool. In black or white, the tweezer itself comes in a smartly sharp and slanted design which works really well, so you’re not sacrificing quality for the added light feature. And the flashlight doesn’t interfere with the plucking at all, it is tucked way back so it doesn’t get involved with the mechanics of tweezing.

A cute crystal switch turns the light on, and if you forget to shut it off (which would happen to me all the time, since I’m always doing everything on the go), an automatic feature does it for you after seven minutes. They really have thought of everything: these tweezers also come with a cylindrical case, complete with mirror, so you can clean up your brows on the fly. On Amazon for $21.60.



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  1. Hi i got one of La Tweez but i don’t know how to use it i’ll be so greatful if you can come to me on my email address and tell all about it. Thank you