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Lanvin Double Strass Pendant Necklace: Putting on the Ritz

Lay on the glitz! Elizabeth Taylor’s auction has me craving all things glittery. The raven-haired icon was vocal about her love of costume jewels (Mike Todd actually copied her favorite paste chandelier earrings into real diamonds because she loved them so much!) – and so am I!
Especially unusual costume jewels, ones that look like rarities you won’t see around any other throats. Lanvin double strass pendant necklace is perfectly unique. Two deep yet icy blue strass pendants are surrounded by eye-catching crystal baguettes for maximum sparkle. Make no mistake: this piece is brilliantly designed to bring light to your décolletage. Lanvin’s trademark ribbon detailing adds flair and drama to a lengthy, loose look. When it comes to my necklaces, I’m all about going long these days: draping chains are slimming and more flattering than choker lengths.
At Barneys New York for $779 (from $1,950).

Pair with: Now that you’re sparkling, don’t be afraid to add some shine. Givenchy’s metallic clutch brings gold and silver together with flashy elegance that makes a statement.
Givenchy Metallic Clutch, $1,220.



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