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Laura Mercier Eye Basics: Eye Spy…My Kind of Concealer


If this looks familiar, that’s because Tina covered this as it is meant to be used: as a primer for eyelids. But I’m reviewing this versatile product as an alternative to concealer. Mainly because I hate concealers and use them very infrequently – like once a year. For me, even the best (Clé de Peau is my favorite) has a cakey finish that just doesn’t look right unless you have a lot of makeup on, and the lighter formula ones don’t really do anything, so what’s the point?

I applied Laura Mercier’s award-nominated Eye Basics under my eyes, just as you would a concealer, and let me tell you: it does a crazy-good job at brightening the tone for an amazing, refreshed look. I put it on top of foundation and it is so lightweight, it blends right in, covering dark circles and ridding me of redness. Even if you don’t have dark circles (lucky devil!), you will be astonished to see your eyes brightened like this.

It’s so easy and light (but also semi-matte, so it’s absolutely flawless), I even take it down to the tops of my cheeks, using it like a highlighter. Five years are knocked off instantly, giving me that dewy, wide-eyed look of young(er) girl.

Treating it like concealer, you have to go with a color that is pretty close to your skin tone. Don’t use the “Eye Bright” for this; it will not have the right effect. (I have a dark complexion and Wheat is a perfect match.)

This is a bestseller, so it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon but just in case (it’s always the best products that get discontinued), I’m stocking up. I never want to be without it! At Neiman Marcusicon for $24.



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