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Marc Jacobs Violet Color-Blocked Leather Shoulder Bag: A Marc of Growth

Clean-lined and hardware-free: Marc, is that you? Since he crept out of grunge-era Perry Ellis (seems like a lifetime ago) and rose to his position as one of the biggest American designers of all time, Marc has done it all. From the fancifully frivolous to the purposefully dowdy to the witty, irreverent, and not-so-wearable – and now? The Violet shoulder bag, delivered with perfect restraint and in solid-good taste.

I feel like as I age, Marc is growing up alongside my own preferences. This bag doesn’t stand for expressing youthful zeal but a sense of quiet, understated elegance. And I’m all about it! Thickly blocked lines serve as the perfect base for olive, black, and cream color-blocking. A symphony of ease, with a palette of neutral colors that will last you through the heat of the summer and back into fall’s crisp breezes. On Net-a-Porter for $1,595.

Pair with: Put it to the sundress test with Derek Lam’s kaeidoscope-print silk dress, fresh and vivacious for Spring 2012. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $1,290.



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  1. I saw these bags in person at the MJ boutique. I love the larger tote version, but think these bags are far overpriced. They’re made from a very thin and lightweight lambs leather that is very soft to the touch and appears durable, but they’re lined with plain canvas, and as the author of this article pointed out, minimal hardware. So why the $1500+ price tag for such a “simple” bag? The larger tote version reminds me of the Celine Luggage, but at $1800, I’d rather invest the extra $200 and get a bag made of thicker leather that’s lined with more leather and has a nice heavy duty zipper (the tote is an open top – no zipper, no snap!). I love Marc – he’s been my go-to designer for years, but lately, the sales are very respetetive and anything new is way overpriced when compared to other designers. That said, I would definitely consider this bag (and it’s sister tote) come sale time or at markdowns

  2. Sorry – that second to last sentence should say ” – he’s been my go-to designer for years, but lately, the styles are very repetetive and anything new is way overpriced when compared to other designers.” (stupid auto correct!)