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Monika Chiang Stretch Boot Legging: One Leggy Lady

There are thigh-high boots, and then there are Monika Chiang’s stretch boot leggings. Sexy, revolutionary, and, in a way, endless. Is it a boot? Is it a legging? That’s right, it’s both! And it doesn’t get more leg-lengthening than these things.

I saw Monika wearing a pair at our NYC event (worn effortlessly with one of her trademark oversized clutches and a crisp blazer), and they made her legs seem at least a mile long. A daringly angular, high-heeled suede boot melds its way into perfectly fitting, mid-rise suede leggings, hugging your every curve, from your waist right down to the tip of your toe. Worn with even the most casual of T-shirts and slouchy sweaters, you’ll have an automatic air of directional mystery (I expect you’ll overhear frenzied – and likely jealous – comments like, “Do her boots ever end?!”). And you know they’ll fit because they are custom-made, just for you.

Wondering what chic piece Monika will wear next? If you’re in the LA area, please join us tonight for a cocktails at Monika’s boutique on 108 S. Robertson Blvd, from 7-9pm! At Monika Chiang for $2,500. Call stores for sizing.

Pair with: Ask yourself what would Monika wear, and sport these with her foldover clutch. It doesn’t getting hotter than taffy-pink watersnake, which will add a shot of energy to a black-centric ensemble. At Monika Chiang for $445.

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5 thoughts on “Monika Chiang Stretch Boot Legging: One Leggy Lady”

  1. no offense but I think these are the dumbest things ever! So every time you want to wear your “hot” boots you have to wear the pants with them?!


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