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Opal Stone: Romancing the Stone

There is luxury, and then there Luxury with a capital “L.” The aptly named fine jewelry designer is sashaying her way into handbags, and it’s a beautiful union – Opal Stone’s bags are inspired by her jewels. “I was taught that when you buy something,” says Opal, “make it the best thing. Not only will it last, but so will the excitement around it.” I tend to agree, and I’m already excited about Opal’s lush collection.

With a penchant for architecture and all things organic, she took conceptual elements from pieces like her popular Zebra cuff (designed to bring to mind an African sunset) and melded them into the hardware of her exotic-skinned bags. Like the Se handbag, multiple layers of fine skin in pitch-perfect grey.

The handles and the feet? All 18- and 22-carat yellow gold. The skins? Only the best alligator, crocodile, and ostrich (she uses Grade One American alligator, which is only the belly). And the lining? The same decadent skin to match the outside! Opal also maintains that the interior of your bag is equally important, a second home to you, so to speak, as it contains important components of your life.

Fluid shapes, an elevated sense of whimsy, and materials to die for: Opal Stone is set to deliver only the best, with quality for women who know their worth it – and prices to match! The bags run from $20,000-$40,000. Grey Se handbag, $32,000.

Available at Gray Gallery in West Hollywood (call 310.854.0091 or email at



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  1. The grey bag is beautiful. The handle is beautifully shaped and striking. I’m waffling though because I’m not sure I’d like the feel of a metal handle…however, since this isn’t an everyday bag, I’m sure I could p r o b a b l y make it work. 😉

    I also love how her store is called a Gallery. So, appropriate for hers and many of today’s luxury bags!