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Paco Rabanne and Viktor & Rolf Roll-On Fragrances: Get the Ball Rolling

We are all particular when it comes to our fragrances – for me, they need to be soft and unassuming rather than overwhelming and consuming – although I think I might be more exacting than most. My biggest issue with fragrance is the simple act of spraying it on. The mist goes in my nose, no matter how long I hold my breath and then for the next hour I can taste it, which ruins the scent for me. The roller ball solves that issue.  Call me weird (it wouldn’t be the first time I have an issue with things others might not), but a roll-on fragrance offers lot more benefits than just quelling my idiosyncrasies.

You get ultimate control and precision application. Spritz yourself and you’re likely to end up with more scent in your hair and on your clothes. No, your entire room doesn’t need to be doused along with your body, and try as you might to get a partial spray, you know it won’t work. Sometimes all you need is a dab on your neck – I usually want just a hint.
The rollerball also allows you to keep it in your bag without the risk of a spill. No matter how much you worship the scent, you do not want a concentrated dose pouring into your favorite bag. And, lacking the commitment of a big bottles, it makes a great gift.

The roll-on fragrances I’ll be including in my beauty gift basket: Paco Rabbane’s Lady Million ($20) and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb ($25). Don’t let the name fool you – in Flowerbomb, there’s no explosion to be found, but a soft waft of orchid, jasmine, and patchouli. Both are delicious without being too sweet, light without muskiness, and floral without shoving a bouquet in your face. With notes of raspberry and orange blossom, Paco Rabanne’s scent is my top choice – neroli gives it an aromatherapy quality that’s soothing to the senses.



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  1. Bueno solo quiero decir que me encanta es el mejor aroma en perfume es espectacular me abia gustado ortro perfume como me gusto este.