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Tangle Teezer, Original Detangling Brush: You’re Such a Teeze

I went to see my one true love yesterday: Neil Weisberg at the Neil George Salon. When it comes to hair, the man is a genius. I rolled out of bed this morning with amazing hair – he’s that good! I also came home with the Tangle Teezer brush because he told me to buy it. He’s the only man I listen to =)

Naturally, he didn’t lead me astray. If you have tangles in your hair, battling it out with your regular brush is not only painful, it’s potentially damaging. Tangle Teezer’s brush is simply designed; there isn’t any high-tech science behind it, just smart thinking. The soft bristles are arranged in rows; long bristles are alternated with shorter bristles, and somehow this pattern works out the tangles without pulling or pain.

I used it on my kids who have those crazy birds’ nest-like messes of tangles (that only children can seem to achieve). They always scream and whine about how it hurts to have their hair brushed, but after a few passes through their manes with this, I was shocked at the result. Their knots had been transformed into soft waterfalls of perfectly detangled hair, and to think, I’ve been using detangling sprays with results that didn’t even come close. This is a must-have for thin hair, especially if it’s long. It will save you from loads of pain, split ends, and yanked-out strands.

The Tangle Teezer Original detangling brush comes in many colors. On Amazon there are three choices; mine is apple-green, but I also paid $18 for it! The price is only $9.99 on Amazon, though the shipping is $5.95.



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    1. I would love to get these for all my friends who have little girls, so I will definitely be checking out Sally’s!

      Beauty Snob Kelly